Interstellar Marines - PC Preview | Chalgyr's Game Room

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

While I have been in the first person shooting scene since Doom was originally released, I did not really become invested in the genre until the late 90's when the trifecta of FPS goodness was released. In late '97 we had the release of id Software's amazing Quake II which is the first of the three titles that made up the next few years of my life. Late '98 saw the release of two games that would go on to be amongst my favorites for many years to come; Starsiege Tribes, which was my first taste of truly large scale multiplayer battles (16v16... on dial-up!) that had a strong focus on squad-based gameplay. The third title that was released spawned a new generation of gamers, games, and set a storytelling bar so incredibly high that few titles could match it, was none other than the beloved Half Life. The three of these games made such an impact on how FPS games were played; from introducing quality mouse looking and targeting to large scale multiplayer to pure mod-ability; these titles were kings of their time and have been the anchor of three generations since. As evolution is wont to do, change happened and new features like aiming down the site, vehicular combat, and destructible environments (thank you, Red Faction, for that amazing feature), FPS games began to lose focus on some of the core aspects of the genre.

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