ZTGD Review: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

When Quake Wars first launched on the PC in October of 2007 it was met with positive reviews and plenty of fan approval. There was no doubt that Activision would eventually port the game to consoles for the masses, but the question still remained: would anyone care and of course how good would a multi-player specific game fare on a home console. Those answers are finally going to be answered as Quake Wars has now come home thanks to two separate developers; Nerve Software handled the 360 port while Underground Development took the reigns of the PS3 version. What we are getting is a solid multi-player focused shooter that is nicely balanced and a lot of fun to play. Now comes the hard part; with Halo 3 and CoD 4 preceding it and Battlefield: Bad Company on the horizon does Quake Wars have enough to entice gamers out of another sixty bucks?

For those not in the know Quake Wars is your emblematic multi-player focused FPS with two warring factions. You have your GDF (Global Defense Force) which is basically the human side and you have the Strogg, your alien faction hell bent on destroying the humans. Of course with this being an online-focused shooter, story is all but non-existent so don't expect an epic mythology to unfold during your playtime. The core game is based on objectives that can range from taking out communication devices to more simple tasks such as opening a door to advance your troops. You can obtain spawn points on the battlefield to help move along your progress and the game focuses heavily on team tactics.

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