Frugal Gaming Preview | Warlocks

Warlocks is a harsh mistress; she will chew you up and spit you out the moment you start to think you have the slightest hold on the difficulty- Writes Stealthoneill

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karlosmorale1492d ago

Looks like an extremely interesting and fun title. It looks as chaotically pacy as Broforce but with considerably more depth.

PridedLlama1492d ago

without sounding like a x-factor soundbite,
hats off to the lead programmer, I struggle to play games with my hands let alone code with my feet.

quite inspirational really, certainly more so than than my hamster died last week and now I'm singing a song. Best of luck to the whole team.

karlosmorale1492d ago

"quite inspirational really, certainly more so than than my hamster died last week and now I'm singing a song."

I bet that sentence made sense in your head, didn't it? Sorry to hear about your hamster's demise.

UglyGeezer1492d ago

It was the 'hats off' to the man with no arms that got me :-p

weekev151491d ago

Makes sense to me, he wasnt saying his hamster died he was talking about the x factor sob stpries you get. This guy is an inspiration where as the x factor wannabees are just insipid.

Loadedklip1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Warlock looks great ... will add to my indie watch game list.

Can someone explain how or why kickstarter works for these indie game companies though? They already got the game running?

Is it more of a safety net in case it doesn't sell and/or for marketing purposes?

I mean for example, does Inafune need a kickstarter for Mighty No. 9? Doesn't he already have a ton of money from his years at Capcom as producer?

weekev151491d ago

Its more than just getting the game running. The difficult part of game development isnt getting a prototype running, its integrating the game concept into an engine with playable inputs and ensuring it runs on all the platforms you have designed it for on top of marketing.

It also generates interest and is a pretty decent way of doing market research, if people would actually buy the game, they back it showing that you are likely to make bank on the game.