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"Bayonetta is a great game that all Wii U owners should snap up. The story is immersive, the combat and combo system is fresh and nothing feels more satisfying than destroying demonic angels with your heels and guns." - Nintendo Feed

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98xpresent1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

I honestly didn't see any advertisement for this game

Metallox1488d ago

I don't know if it got something in Japan, but here in the west it doesn't launch until late October, so advertisement can wait.

98xpresent1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Oh lol I was lost .

weekev151488d ago

I dont understand. Is there no review embargo on the first game but there is of the second.

EZMickey1488d ago

Different publisher may have something to do with it? Just taking a stab.

weekev151488d ago

It comes in the pack with Bayo 2, so same publisher.

EZMickey1488d ago

Ooh, I'm with you. I thought this was the bayo 2 review.

MetroidFREAK211488d ago

Looking forward to this game, but I'm picking it up around Christmas time. I got Advanced Warfare to finish paying off, about 20 left(Digital Pro Edition), I paid off in full Halo:The Master Chief Collection(sadly can't be digitally preordered at lamestop) Smash Wii U I still owe about 68-70 dollars(GC adapter and controller bundle) so this year will be pretty busy. Bayo 2 will have to wait. I just hope the first game being included isn't limited...

MSBAUSTX1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

I do not understand the disagrees for your comment. It just merely states you have already committed a lot of your money and will have to buy this at a later date. I understand that completely because I am in the same boat with the EXACT same games you have listed except I am buying Hyrule Warriors next Friday when it launches. This is a review of the first game though and not the second so at least it is a solid rating for a game we are getting for free with the second. I like that because I didn't get to play the first one. I have tons of games preordered right now. Until next year I be broke!

gerbwmu1488d ago

I'm pretty sure the Disagrees for his comment are people rushing out to pay off his pre orders so he can get Bayo 2 earlier......N4G community is very generous.......or something like that

Adolph Fitler1488d ago

I have to say, considering that this is a Nintendo site, I'm worried the game only received an 8. I would have thought, with Bayonetta 1, being as good as it was, that this game would have scored a 10 from Nintendo specific sites & mags.

Slightly worried that the game is not going to be as unbelievably good as the 1st. I hope my suspicion in thwarted, as this is the ONLY game I am looking forward to now, on Wii-U, for the rest of the year.

BosSSyndrome1488d ago

You need to work on your reading comprehension, I think.
This is a review of the first game.

Summons751488d ago

They ARE talking about the first here and your making this out to be a horrible score 8 is really good. This is why review scores need to go so people cant complain about a number.

Darkwatchman1488d ago

Immersive story??? Ha

I loved Bayonetta. It's a very very good action game, but an immersive story? Man, I guess if you're the kind of person that sticks to Nintendo only systems, this is better story than any first party Nintendo game, but immersive? What is this reviewer smoking? It has charm. It's funny and some of the characters have real personality, but immersive??? HA

ChronoJoe1488d ago

I liked Bayonetta's story a lot. Writing in video games tends to be pretty bad, so I relish in the more 'light hearted' adventures, that don't take themselves so seriously but provide a narrative that's fun to spectate.

Darkwatchman1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

It's not an immersive story by ANY means at all. You know what's an immersive story? Bioshock? You know what's an immersive story? Mass Effect? You know what's immersive? The Last of Us. You know what's the complete opposite of immersive? Bayonetta. It's an amazing game, but calling it an immersive story is like saying the original playstation incarnation of Resident Evil has an immersive story with that cheesy voice acting.

LightofDarkness1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Resident Evil had one of the most immersive stories of the time, it was enough to pique the interest of an entire generation of gamers, despite its cheesy voice acting. The author's opinion differs from yours, deal with it. We can't all have such a clearly superior and sophisticated palate as you, sir.

InTheLab1488d ago

Bust a cap in yo ass! Yeah the writing in Bayo is terrible and the story is incomprehensible. The only thing of value in the entire game is the combat which might be the best in the genre. Everything else in this game is laughably bad or mediocre.

Neonridr1488d ago

Pretty sure Zelda stories are top notch. And I know I'm not the only one who thinks that.

CBaoth1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Dark is right though about Bayonetta. It featured some of the best hack N slash action on last gen systems. Everything else was poorly conceived. From the hackneyed script featuring the worst token, stereotyped characters to the glaring technical issues exhibited on BOTH consoles (I played the 360 version and could literally induce V-sync problems in any non-combat portion at will), the game was completely overrated by Famitsu despite these failings. The fanboy controversy of course overshadowed this fact.

I came here to read up on the WiiU port, hoping that the technical issues were sorted out by now. Fix the V-sync, add some AA, and clean up the variable framerate and I'm a happy camper! Like I said, the action is top notch and trumps the terrible story anyway. What I got was a review 5 years too late to the party.

eworthington01488d ago

I think nintendo has some pretty well thought out stories. Mother 3 was one of the best stories ive ever experienced in a game.

Realplaya1488d ago

What does having to be a fan of Nintendo have to do with a game having a story not. I guess if you try to Diss people who game on Nintendo hardware you look for any opening to be disrespectful.

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