Review Fatigue

Andrew takes a look at how review influence has changed for adult gamers.

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Geobros2557d ago

Nice read. Me too, I cannot understand the high scores of GTA games...

LightofDarkness2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

This is true, people seem to be far more enamoured with the idea of GTA games than the actual playing of them. Like "look, you can have sex with a prostitute and then kill her to get your money back!" Yes, you can do some approximation of that in-game, but is it fun to play that scenario out? Do the gameplay mechanics make the actions fun to accomplish? I find just about every aspect of GTA to be either average or sub-standard. The combat/shooting is poor and done miles better in other games, same for the driving, story, character development, player agency, presentation and more. But people seem to cling to the "idea" that "you're a bad man doing the bad things, lel" and that is what makes it fun for them. Yes, you did just steal a car from a helpless old lady and throw her to the street, but for what? So you can now play a crappy approximation/"simulation " of driving?

Anyway, sorry about the rant. Review scores haven't swayed me for years now, especially after GTAIV, the last time I gave GTA a chance.

user55757082557d ago

it's hard to take reviews seriously these days. after controversy with developers getting paid off for good review scords, to trolls all over metacritic, to fanboys who run gaming sites with major biases....i simply cannot trust most reviews anymore. especially after FFXIII...little did i know the 6/10 that edge gaming gave it was accurate compared to all the high scores it got everywhere else

youtube videos and demos are really the best way to judge if you like a game. or wait for a used copy to hit gamestop for a nice 7 day rental

DivoJones2557d ago

Well c'mon.. the killing a hooker for money back thing is more of a classic reference to this game than a reality. I know of nobody who's played GTA and has so little money that they need it back. They do it because they can.. much like the strippers in GTA 5 and taking them home. Also, GTA 4 was easily the worst modern GTA, every car drove like a buick with a flat tire and the 'coming to America to make it big through a life of crime' story was crap.
People like GTA because you can do basically whatever.. it's a game where when I have friends come over I don't have to start a different profile or save point so they don't screw up my campaign. A game where mission variety is more than a spider man game and the standard 'capture, rescue, or tail' missions.
It's satire about our modern world, and often ends with justice being served.. but like any game, if it's not your cup of tea, don't drink it.

dazzrazz2557d ago

"play the demo" that was a good one ....

Jahbu2557d ago

Yeah I'm with yah! I find that the older I become the less and less I care about reviews. I'm 31, I can make up my own damn mind on whats good or bad. I need no validation from a gaming site...only news and previews.

Artista 2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

With me, they've ran their course.

There are many more that are still hooked on that Number.

*new game introduced*

Gamer: meh looks boring, I hate FPS

*releases, averages 9*

Gamer: oh, this has always been on my radar. Day one.

Lavington2557d ago

I think more people than ever are hooked on the number. The reason why is today's generation needs instant gratification. We need our news immediately. We need answers now. I remember sometimes watching sporting evens on our local channels because we didn't have premium networks yet, and not finding out scores from other games until the NEXT DAY. I didn't lose sleep.

phoenixwake2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

This really resonates with me. So many times did I have to get a game because it got a 9.5 or whatever. GTA V was one of the biggest disappointments last year, but I had to get it because it supposedly changed everything wrong with the formula and it was a review score darling.

I'm having a ton of fun right now on a game most reviewers trashed. The review format should bring up points and recommend them based on their appeal, not condemn/praise them with an arbitrary number.

Lavington2557d ago

Agreed. List the three strongest aspects of the game, the three weakest, and if everything matches up with your playing style, give it a go.