Halo The Master Chief Collection Preview

343 Industries developer Dan Ayoub previews the Microsoft Xbox One Halo The Master Chief Collection in this exclusive interview from the Xbox Showcase in San Francisco.

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gamerlive1490d ago

This is a cool idea bringing all the old games to next gen, but it doesn't replace Halo 5 being delayed.

xDHAV0K24x1489d ago

i think it's good H5 is delayed. Let us enjoy this collection for a bit longer. I know from a sales point u want ur flagship title out there but I'm confident this will hold us over for a long time

XBLSkull1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

I agree, I have no problem with this. 4 games, beta invite and a TV series for $60. If extra time is needed for Halo 5 honestly take all the time you need, do it right or not at all. I'd rather you spend 3-5 years making a killer game than a rushed out cash cow. 3 years is perfect between sequels, though rockstar showed us 5 years is fine when the product is of such high quality. I only wish CoD and Assassins Creed would follow. The break between iterations is nice and keeps the series feeling fresh.

You aren't going to find a better multiplayer shooter experience this year on Xbox, and never get this good of experience ever on any other platform, PC included.

This game is a true fan service and not trying to make a quick buck with a rerelease happening within a year of the original. I don't think we needed a Halo 4 remaster so soon but its nice will be able to play all the Halos (good ones at least, lol Reach) on one platform, and I have my fingers crossed they will be able to integrate 5 and 6 into a single interface. All 6 games of the master chief saga all in one place would be a dream come true and really the standard to which all series should be measured. I'd be down for having a lot more series doing this setup as long as they turn out to be this high quality. I'd love to see the WWII CoD's, SOCOM franchise, Ghost Recon and Rainbow 6, Ninja Gaidens, and others all get this treatment.

aviator1891488d ago

Halo 5 was not delayed.
Halo games always have a minimum of 3 year rev cycles, Halo 5 was never announced as a 2014 game, and releasing the MCC IN 2014 was their plan from the beginning.

Foehammer1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Spectacular value

Loved watching the campaign and MP shots, really takes me back and shows why these games set the standard for fps.

Summons751489d ago

This game sparks some interest in the Xbone but one series is not enough reason for me to pick up one still, it's still waaaay over priced to rebuy games I already own.

OpieWinston1489d ago

Cool Story Bro.
Can you NOT tell it again?

Seriously, if you don't want it...Don't comment.

Summons751489d ago

Wow Xbox fanboys are so uptight. I compliment the system and you still get butthurt. Ease up, I've played Halo since day 1, this entices me it's a COMPLIMENT.

OpieWinston1489d ago


I'm calling you out for being full of it.

Complimenting the system? You called it a "waaay over priced" machine.

What that sparks some interest in the X1 for you?

If you gave a crap about Halo you'd get an X1. It's the place to play Halo.

MC Collection(CE-4)
Halo: Nightfall
Halo Spielberg Series
Halo 5 Guardians
Halo Spinoff sequels (Halo Wars 2/Halo ODST 2/Etc...)

If Halo sparks any interest then get an X1. If you think of it as "One game" then you truly are a limited moron. Because it's a Multi billion dollar franchise that has lots of money being pooled into it.

So yeah...Call me an "Xbox fanboy" but I know you're full of it.

DragoonsScaleLegends1489d ago

It only sparks interest in people who already are dedicated Xbox fans. I don't see it getting outside gamers to get the XO. Which is not a bad thing for the Xbox gamers.

BattleTorn1489d ago

Or multi-platform owners wanting to use their X1

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