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GR: Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes puts the franchised heroes front and center. It does so in a very smart way, leveraging The Avengers, Spider-Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy as its launch Play Sets. For those who haven't played the original Disney Infinity (this is the "2.0 Edition") the game, along with the Disney Infinity Base, and three meticulously crafted Avengers vinyl figures (Black Widow, Iron Man, and Thor) along with an Avengers Play Set piece are sold in the initial Starter Set. Placing the vinyl figures on the Disney Infinity Base, along with power disc ability boosters, allows the player to use that individual character in the Play Set they were created for, offering each essentially a dedicated sandbox game.

Additions to the game play include a leveling system for the characters, with 36-or-so upgradable attributes and character specific skills, including enemy-clearing special moves specific to character style. Leveling up Captain America's ranged attack, for instance, can allow his shield to ricochet multiple times from one enemy to another, doing more damage to the overall group. Of these 36 attributes, the character level caps at level 20 without enough Skill Points awarded to fill out the entire board, making the skill tree an element of personalization in ownership; the character progress is tied to the figures, not the game-save, so you can take and show off your individual figure at a friend's house regardless of platform.

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insertcoin3360d ago

I've got all the figurines ordered and ready to go. I think I may have a problem...

eaise3360d ago

I can't wait for the NA release Tuesday! This game looks so fun! I pre-ordered both of the extra playsets too! I'm gonna have a blast with this


Disney Infinity Lives Again on PC with New ‘Gold Editions’

The Disney Infinity series has been re-released on PC, with all of each games' add-ons unlocked with a single purchase. Each of the three games can be bought individually, or in a package that effectively gets you one of the games for free.

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Yi-Long2546d ago

They should bring Infinity back completely. The potential is still huge, not just the Infinity games, but they could still implement the figures, old and new, in various games (Disney, Marvel, Star Wars) accross a wide variety of genres...

Mystogan2546d ago

The gameplay was awesome. I couldn't believe they nailed every characters abilities so perfectly. I thought they were going to all play pretty much the same at first.

BLAKHOODe2546d ago

I agree. My daughter and I loved playing the game together and had most of the 1.0 figures and all of the 2.0 and 3.0 figures. The problem is they made some figures that never should have been made, in part, because of movie tie-ins, like with "Time" from Alice In Wonderland. "Alice" and "Mad Hatter" were cool. They also produced too many of any one character and couldn't sell enough. If they would have worked out the math and focused more on in-demand, popular characters I believe they could have turned things around. Instead, they were getting ready to push 12" characters. I'm not sure how they thought that would be a good idea. Just poor planning all the way around. I'm so disappointed I'll never get to play as "Spider-Gwen", "Doctor Strange" or "Peter Pan" now. My kid would have loved to have the "Moana" figures. All of these were planned, too.

IndominusRex2546d ago

The characters were wayyyy tooo expensive and there were too many of them imo. Which is probably one of the reasons why this happened.

BLAKHOODe2546d ago

I'm amazed WWE hasn't tried the "toys-to-life" gimmick. I'd like to see them do it with a WWE All-Stars type game with a ring-shaped game pad to place the figures on, as well as tokens to set the type of matches, like a title match and/or cage match, etc.

gamer78042546d ago

thats not a bad idea at all, would be fun to see. we need a more user friendly wwe game than wwe2k games.


Disney Provides a Closure Timeline for Disney Infinity

Disney have provided details on how Disney Infinity's cancellation will affect the game. It's much worse than previously anticipated, as some versions of the game will become completely unplayable.

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PoopsMcGee2680d ago

I never played this but thought it might be a great way to start playing a game with my 4-year-old daughter, so I'm somewhat bummed Disney axed it.

My question to anyone who can help: How essential are the online multiplayer aspects of the game for full enjoyment? Is it beefy and fun enough without the online portions to justify a post-death purchase??? I'm not worried about the trophies...

gamer78042680d ago

There.is still the playsets, which provides about 6-8 hours of playtime each you and your daughter can play. You can still build your own toyboxes to play in you just can't share it download with anyone. I'd reccomend playing the playsets but do your building in version 3.0. hope that helps. I'm bummed too though. Was hoping to see xmen next. Still lots to do and easy for kids to Olay with you but you can play at the same time and help them complete harder missions.

MonAmiibo2680d ago

The offline aspects are still plenty of fun - playsets provide story modes that last at least 5 hours each, a lot more if you go after 100% completion. You'll also be able to build your own levels and sandboxes to play around in still, you just won't be able to download anyone else's.

PoopsMcGee2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Thank you both!

I think I'll pick it up for her birthday next week.

EDIT - Sorry! Should've replied to one/both of you instead of myself...

AnubisG2680d ago

And this is why I hate online only or mp only games. This crap would never happen to single player games.

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2680d ago

Why we won't see Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and other heroes in Disney Infinity

New Marvel heroes are coming to Disney Infinity, but don't expect to see Daredevil, Jessica Jones, or Deadpool any time soon.

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Kalebninja2827d ago

Did this honestly need to be explained? With the amount of extreme violence in Daredevil and Shoehorned sex scenes in Jessica Jones, there's no reason to even expect it.

itsjustexuma2827d ago

They'll still appear in all of the LEGO Avengers/Marvel games

Kalebninja2826d ago

Well that's being handled by a different dev and they were in the Lego marvel superheroes games before their shows were made.

itsjustexuma2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Jessica Jones and Daredevil are in LEGO Avengers and that game was released in Jan 2016.


DarthJay2826d ago

Yeah, it's not hard to use their comic book versions, though few non-comic fans even knew who Jessica Jones was this time last year.

rhap2826d ago

I think it's because the name DISNEY is more related to kids while LEGO is for adults. Really, I don't have any friend who plays DISNEY INFINITY, but many of them plays LEGO series and they are all 25~35 years old.

DynoMiteLaserCat2826d ago

So my odds of a lusty Jessica Jones and Luke Cage reunion in Disney Infinity are pretty much zero?

Well that's disappointing... lol

Lonnie182826d ago

I would totally get Jessica Jones, sexy.

FallenAngel19842826d ago

Well those characters are on TV shows, and most of the characters in Disney Infinity come from movies.