Why ESPN Is Wrong About eSports

Fatal Hero: I’m sure you’ve already heard that ESPN top-dog John Skipper denies that eSports are any type of sport. He says this just after his own channel televised DOTA 2’s The International and amid rumors that League of Legends was looking to follow suit. He instead suggests that the whole thing is just “a competition” and how he’s “mostly interested in doing real sports.” It’s sad to see because unfortunately, Skipper seems to miss what makes eSports its own legitimate field.

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redinvader2563d ago

I enjoyed your observation about the parents cheering. I myself have not had a chance to see a live event nor attend one of those "eSport bars" but plan on doing so to get a better grasp.

venom062562d ago

its so funny reading nerd gamer try to make playing a video game into a sport.. Get over it. its NOT a sport. It's a fun little hooby for kids and men that want to keep a little bit of "kiddie" in their grown man lives..

TheTimeDoctor2562d ago

I agree billing it as a sport does not do it justice and makes it easy to not take seriously.

ZeroX98762562d ago

so if they release a somewhat competitive kinect game, it could be called a sport right? since your doing some physical movements and its a competition.

DeadlyFire2561d ago

Its a mental sport. Not a physical one. This is true, but strategy lies in both of them while playing. There is no doubting that if you want to win you have to adapt in either situation.

3-4-52562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

* Video games & Sports were my life growing up.

Played every sport possible, and I can safely say, Video Games are in a completely different category than Physical Sports.

* Video Games are most comparable to Golf.

Golf is a sport, but it's one that anyone can play...although not at a high level.

* It's easy to pick up and the most difficult to master.

It is as much a mental challenge as it is physical.

In this sense, we can compare Golf to Video games somewhat accurately.

* Your our thinking, out smarting somebody or something, using a bit of physical ability, but you need to stay " in the zone", in video games, just like you do in sports.

That "zone", is the same "zone", no matter if it's a video game or a real physical sport.

OC_MurphysLaw2563d ago

I view "eSports" more as competitions of mental skill not on of physical skill which is what I consider to "sports" to be. Its a subtle difference but to me "sports" entails a level of physical strength and/or endurance along with physical coordination. eSports is more mental skill and hand / eye coordination than anything. Just my personal take.

And it also should be noted that while I may not consider "eSports" to be a "sport" I certainly think its worthy of being watched and rooted for. Saying its not a sport to me doesn't diminish it as a competition.

oSHINSAo2562d ago

Came here to post something related... for me eSports will never be a Spors...

mhunterjr2562d ago

They aren't wrong. It isn't a sport... As they don't require any physical competition... But they do require skill.

I think people felt insulted by his comments, even though they weren't offensive in any way. ESPN cover a number of competitive events that aren't sports; poker, chess, billards, and now esport.

MSBAUSTX2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Yes people, please do not confuse talent or skill as only being associated with atheletes. Painters are really talented and skillful but they do not belong on ESPN. Any event that can be done naked in your room while eating cheetos, is not a sport and doesnt belong on ESPN.

slate912562d ago

Going all out in COD butt naked eating cheetos lmaooo

MSBAUSTX2562d ago

That is definitely good times whether it is a sport or not. LMAO ☺

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