9 Games Like Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fire Emblem is a turn-based strategy game that is, in many ways, much like any other strategy RPG. Characters advance through the story, fighting massive maps of enemies through a map grid system and levelling up. However, in the past, Fire Emblem set itself apart by having a brutal "when you die, you're really dead" battle system with its characters. However, except for its hardcore fan base, the game's popularity waned due in no small part for it only being available in Japan for some time. This went on until Fire Emblem: Awakening for the Nintendo 3DS came and brought with it a marketing strategy and quality game that caused Fire Emblem fever once again. Naturally, once gamers beat Fire Emblem: Awakening on Lunatic+ difficulty for the fifth time, they crave something new, but not necessarily different. For those that want more games like Fire Emblem: Awakening, other Fire Emblem games are naturally the first choice. However, for those that want games similar, here are some excellent alternatives.

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