Final Fantasy Agito+ Announced For Vita

Final Fantasy Agito+ has been announced for the Playstation Vita. This is an HD remake of Final Fantasy Agito for the PSP and for smartphones. The game is scheduled to release January 15 2015 for Vita Handhelds everywhere.

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Snookies122399d ago

Was this game any good? Didn't hear a lot about it.

On a side note, I'm still holding out hope we'll hear something about Dissidia 3 for Vita... Hey, a man can dream...

megajon2399d ago

Well since the Vita seems to be racking up niche rpgs I think it's a good possibility we will see Dissidia 3 on the Vita soon.

Snookies122399d ago

They did mention (or at least someone working for SE mentioned) that they'd like to do Dissidia 3... So, really crossing my fingers on that one!

GdaTyler2399d ago

Wait was this a recent TGS announcement?

NikX2399d ago

I think it'll be better if they release Dissida 3 or something to similar to it to PS4 and PS Vita with cross play. Or maybe just PS4 to use the full power of it instead of being held back by a PS Vita development

tubers2399d ago

That might be the better choice.

PSV-PS4 multiplat. Seems that's where the VITA's headed (GE2:RG, New Ys, SKEV) anyway.

PSV JPN = best selling current gen Sony console
PS4 INT'L = best selling current gen Sony console

dadz2399d ago

Dissidia 3 would be so sick, hopefully they'll do it

GdaTyler2399d ago

I poured hours upon hours on the original. Unboxing that masterpiece in 2009 and playing it for the first time was a moment I wanted to last forever.

mechlord2399d ago

Well, my 1st quarter 2015 is already booked.

January this, February Bloodborne, march Type-0 HD

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TM3332399d ago

I'll take this. Seems like I remember reading this was free to play in Japan, but you had to buy episodes or something like that. Still, I'll check it out.

tanukisuit2399d ago

Wait a second... wasn't Agito changed to Type 0 moniker? So, from what I gather from this article, Agito/Agito+ is a separate entity from Type 0/Type 0 HD?

megajon2399d ago

Yes it's a separate entity. This game is going to release free to play with purchasable in game options. There will also be a physical version that will cost money and should come with vouchers for in game stuff.

vanity292399d ago

If you mean if they were the same game, then no they aren't. They are in the same universe though

tanukisuit2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Yeah, I meant weren't they the same game, because all I remember S.E saying in the past, was that they were distancing Agito from the Fabula Nova (or whatever it was called), hence the name change to FF Type 0.

Also, thanks for the clarification, guys.

hkgamer2399d ago

its similar, basically an iphone port. think the iphone game was based on the same engine.

like to add that the original agito was announced for phones thengot upgraded to psp, then changed to type-0.

anyway, s-e fks up once again. why dont they just give us type0

HentaiMasterRace2399d ago

Everywhere!!? *spits out coffee*

Chaos_Raiden2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Hell yeah! It may not be Final Fantasy Type-0, but it will be an excellent addition to the PS Vita games library.

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