Spikey Walls Review | Mini Fortress

Mini Fortress writes:

"If you want a Flappy Bird experience on the Wii U you’ll find one in Spikey Walls. You could buy worse for $0.99, though Spikey Walls is the kind of game that gets played a handful of times. It could make for some interesting party games, and I’m sure some YouTubers will find pleasure in making videos of the game. Whatever way you spin it, Spikey Walls is a lacking experience that has better gameplay than Flappy Bird, but lacks the charm that made Flappy Bird a massive success."

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Nevers0ft1493d ago

Overpriced by about $0.98. I have one or two of RCMADIAX games (Blok Drop and the Solitaire thing) and they're OK for the price and what they are but he must have knocked-up Spiky Walls in an afternoon.