Zero Punctuation: Haze - Review

Drug-addled mercenaries wearing glowing power armor trudging through the jungle with guns. What could possibly go wrong?

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Silogon4691d ago

I think it is fair to say I hate This guy, the angry nintendo nerd and that Gnarly Gnome wiifit girl. Wasted fame and attention. Not to mention energy.

aaquib54691d ago

You were right about 2.4.

PoSTedUP4691d ago

i was right about 2.40 too. i even added "mark my words"

uuuupp another haze review..

MK_Red4691d ago

Classic. Yahtzee is god. I was getting worried since it's been some time since last vid.
Yahtzee and AVGN FTW!

Alexander Roy4691d ago

James is a hell of an artist and I am glad he is so passionate about the AVGN. I wish he had a schedule like Yahtzee, but that could harm the quality.
I enjoy the Zero Punctuation reviews a lot. Although I not always agree, I like the animations he uses to underline his words, especially that little black thing with horns. You should try his games as well, they are better than some games you have to pay for. Same goes for the AVGN game, which looks nice and is fun to play.

MK_Red4691d ago

James is indeed talented but his recent works have been a bit less impressive than older ones. The cinematic parts that are not talking about in-game stuff are really annoying me. They were nice with Bugs and Spidey showing up but after Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I kinda lost interest in those parallel / cinematic stuff.
I still love him and his works.

Yahtzee's games are also great. Last week they won one Webby or two! Zero P vids are seriously hilarious and plus, I really dig Ben's taste. He defended Psychonauts and punished those that didn't buy it. Uses uber awesome Silent Hill 2 as example of a really deep game and finally, considers Portal to be the perfect game. Nerd is a bit of Nintendo fanboy and has a different hugely taste than mine.

Also, the other reason I love Yahtzee is that he is always honest and talks about real weakness of games. Many people hated his SSB Brawl review but the truth is that the game wasn't that great. Every single problem he mentions with every game he reviews is valid and he doesn't fear fanboys of Halo, SSBB and such.

mepsipax4691d ago

What I love is when all the fanboys praise Yahtzee for bashing an exclusice on their enemies console but then call him a joke and not a real reviewer when he bashes an exclusive on their console, i.e Drakes Fortune, SSBB. I agree with pretty much everything he says but what the idiots who complain about him don't realize is that he doesn't hate games he just focuses on their flaws (which everygame besides Duke 3D have) If he does review MGS4 than he'll just talk about how really long and pointless the cutscenes are so don't think he'll give it glowing reviews. I think it's cool he digs paper mario one of the best and most perfect games ever. anyone agree?

Chubear4690d ago (Edited 4690d ago )

wow, really? Some EMO reviewer dude is a god to you? Wow, your world must be one hell of a strange place my friend. I'm seriously hoping that was a typo and you meant to write "... good" instead.

MK_Red4690d ago

No Chubear. I meant god. He is a reviewing god. Not only he is funny but also, never takes sides and as mepsipax said, he punishes every game no matter how popular it is or on what console. Mario Galaxy, Halo 3 and Uncharted were all attacked and he had good reasons to attack them.
The only game he has never attacked is Portal which is indeed a perfect game. (Sadly it's short though :( ).

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snoop_dizzle4691d ago (Edited 4691d ago )

This was funny.

I can't wait till the MGS4 review even though I love the game. Hopefully no one will take it too seriously. After all its supposed to be funny. lol

Altis14691d ago

That is not going to happen. People will take it seriously and say its blasphemy for talking trash about their prized Film disguised as a PS3 game.

tismoh4691d ago

It's all in good fun, nobody SHOULD take it too seriously

Altis14690d ago

I wholeheartedly agree with you. Sadly there are people that don't even have a PS3 or 360 yet are fanboys for those systems. In fact there should be some way to verify what system someone has as a requirement to join this site.

G1TR4P3D4691d ago

LMAO. This video just summed-up 99% of all PS3 exclusives.

user8586214691d ago

god stop crying cuz metal gear will neva come to the 3fix me just keep suckin on ur halo 3 n plzz 4 us all shut up!!! XD


Altis14691d ago (Edited 4691d ago )

You give retarded people a bad name with your remarks. Go and watch your MGS4 video.

user8586214691d ago

wow some1s ditched the metal gear franchise and for wat a broken system with crappy american games

its just like the 80's
Nazisoft (Atari)
Sony (Nintendo)

Altis14690d ago

Last time I checked Crappy American Games (Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, Bioshock) are selling ass loads more than Japanese games (MGS4, Folklore, GT5P).

Vito_corleone4690d ago

Yeah too bad sales doesn't equal quality, because then nintendogs would rape the games u mentioned.

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