Call of Duty Dev Bringing the “Constant Immersion” of Deadspace to Advanced Warfare Narrative

Twinfinite: Call of Duty is one series that often sparks a pretty substantial amount of debate. While the game brings in millions upon millions of dollars with every entry, it often doesn’t do so without much criticism. Each game’s campaign and story is often a topic of criticism. This time around, however, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and its developers hope to change that.

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Agent_hitman1491d ago

This COD game will probably succeed, I have watched the trailer and I'd say that I was impressed and the graphics looks insane.. I'm still a COD fan.

Summons751491d ago

Bold statement seeing all the trailers point to generic cod plot.

famoussasjohn1491d ago

By generic as in having good guys vs bad guys? That's generic in terms to possibly every game.

Summons751491d ago

No its the typical "Terrorists are blowing things up, America does something, America = bad guy plot COD always has. Just because it has ONE well known actor does not make it innovative and immersive.

CODallday1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Why do you come on Every COD article if you hate it so much? Nothing better to do?

spacedelete1491d ago

COD AW will be scary but not for its campaign. just playing the game with its outdated graphics and gameplay would scare anyone.

Darkwatchman1491d ago

Yeah and Ghosts was supposed to have an engaging and emotional story line with a script written by the guy that directed that one movie, Traffic(I think that was it). I am so tired of developers so shamelessly trying to portray every single game they make as the greatest thing ever even when it's painfully obvious to them that nothing they're saying holds true.

MetroidFREAK211491d ago

Judging by the single player trailers I've seen, the story looks decent. Recent Call of Duty stories (BO2 and Ghosts) had terrible stories. Advanced Warfare looks great with a unique rise of power and corruption. Hopefully more details are shared soon!