IGN: I Played An Earthquake in Japan

IGN: At a private pre-Tokyo Game Show event in Shinjuku, Japan, a few IGN Editors and I crowded into a small demo room at a Japanese game studio and gathered around a row of televisions on a table to play an upcoming PlayStation 4 game while wearing surround sound headsets. I can’t tell you about that game yet, but what I can tell you is that I played it during an actual earthquake.

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Enemy3114d ago

Gravity Rush 2 for PS4? :)

Zenith4k3114d ago

Misleading title if you even care, he played a unknow game and a earthquake hit. STOP the press the world needs to know this please tell your friends and wish him well

Gezmoyassine3114d ago

I love JAPAN.Wish i could visit one day!