Avid Gamer: Battle of the Bands Review

Avid Gamer writes: "Battle of the Bands is a rhythm action game trying to capitalise on the widespread success of Guitar Hero and Rock Band – that is plain to see. But the main difference – the niche if you will – is that, unlike the other two power houses of the genre, Battle of the Bands retails without any instruments. This isn't a strange mix-up at THQ. You can't even buy an instrument for the game, with the only control method possible being the Wiimote.

In Battle of the Bands you're more of a conductor, waving your stick around like a blind man on drugs to the beat of the music – which, now you mention it, is 100% covered. There are no master copies of songs in the game, which already whittles away at the precious score. With no background story whatsoever, you play as a band across a series of genres trying to gain band supremacy by attaching weapons onto your instruments and having face-offs to see which band is the more skilled. When weapons get strapped on anything but arms the result is terrible so what makes sticking them on instruments any different? We'll tell you what – nothing."

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