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Kyle Barrows: "Bungie built an amazing and unique universe for us to explore, but filled it with the most uninspired and standard content possible. Everything beyond the aesthetics and mechanics is boring. Nothing is new."

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Provolone241583d ago

lol another 6. Are people just low-balling this game on purpose in spite of all the hype or what? Destiny is not a perfect 10 by any means, but a 6? C'mon. Name me a better game that's come out for the next-gen consoles. This is probably the best game since Assassins Creed 4. Watch Dogs and Titanfall didn't quite turn out how we thought they would. Infamous was a solid game, but doesn't have near as much content as Destiny and Black Flag. It may not be saying much given how dry console launches are, but you'd be hard-pressed to find better next-gen title to spend your money on.

Meatyboy1583d ago

Agree, these scores are so baffling to me. Especially after the great reception of the beta. Me and my friends can't stop playing and I only just looked at the scores today and now im left totally confused.

Provolone241583d ago

It is undoubtedly a victim of its own hype, much like Titanfall was, but...unlike Titanfall, at least it's a complete game and not just online with a bare bones "campaign". While the core experience of Titanfall was great, its average scores were deserved simply because it just wasn't a complete game. Destiny, on the other hand, is beyond complete. There's a main campaign, plenty of side stuff to do, and solid online play. Your guess as to why so many people are downplaying it is as good as mine. Again, I'm not saying Destiny is the most amazing game I've ever played, but, right now, I can't find much that tops it.

Hellsvacancy1583d ago

"the great reception of the beta" I cancelled my Destiny PS4 pre-order Bundle after playing the beta

Although the beta was fun at times, Destiny was not the next gen game I thought it was going to be, it's too small with nothing to do besides shooting the same enemies, then I run forward a little, turn around and they've spawned back again in the same place

A 6 may be a little too low, 7, 7.5 is about right

700p1583d ago

Well 6 tbh is ok or average, same as a 7. I think this game is a solid 7. Its not a bad game but its an average game. Nothing new etc.

ContinuePlay1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

6 is "ok" on our scale. We use the full range, unlike sites which seem to think a 10-point scale begins at 7.

5 is average, 6 is "ok", 7 is "decent", 8 is "great", 9 is "excellent", 10 is "essential."

Things beneath a 5 are varying degrees of bad. The lowest we've ever gone was a 2, which was for X: Rebirth. God knows what would get a 1 from us; it would probably need to literally not even load.

Hope that helps :)

1nsomniac1583d ago

@ContinuePlay - I'm 1 of the few it would seem that appreciates realistic review scores. So thank you a lot for keeping your merits despite the pressure to, as you say start a 10 scale from 7.

Allsystemgamer1582d ago

@continue play

So a 1 being dead rising 3 PC because that doesn't load?

TheBoy1583d ago

Sony killed Bungie, Destiny is such mediocrity.

1nsomniac1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Firstly Bungie does not report to Sony in any way what-so-ever. Secondly Bungie has always been an acquired taste. Some might say that Destiny is just a straight Halo clone without a story attached.

Either way your gripe lies solely with Bungie in this instance.

asmith23061583d ago

Haven't played this game. Is it really this bad? I remember BF4 got ~8.5's and that was a broken piece of shit on release, months after release too. I can't see Destiny being worse than that.

ContinuePlay1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Destiny isn't bad, per se; just competent.

But when you're Bungie, "competent" doesn't cut the mustard anymore. In some regards, Destiny is a victim of Bungie's own success.

We actually debated the score extensively inside CP towers. The consensus was that it's... OK. But it just made us wish we were playing Halo instead.

vikingland11583d ago

I completely disagree that it's just OK. I play it more than any other games out. And the fun I have with the co-op is amazing.

If you ask any of the people that play the game when you're on a fire team what they think of the game they all love it. I will keep enjoying this fun fun fun game.

ContinuePlay1583d ago

If we all agreed all the time, life would be boring.

And we'd be out of a job!

TM3331582d ago

I'm right there with ya. I'm enjoying the hell out of this game and it's straight up laughable how people are "reviewing" it. They think they can bring this juggernaut down with their biased, bandwagon riding opinions. Good luck! People will be playing Destiny for quite some time.