ZTGD Review: Roogoo

Simplicity is sometimes the best enigma.

Let's not beat around the bush here; there are a lot of puzzle games on Xbox Live Arcade. So many in fact that the clones are beginning to receive clones that are in fact clones of themselves. If that is confusing than just try to keep track of all the different block-busting titles on Microsoft's service and you will begin talking in riddles much like ZTGD just did. Thankfully not all developers feel confined to think 'inside' the box. SouthPeak Interactive and developer Spidermonk have taken the classic block-dropping mentality, added a sickeningly cute coat of graphical paint and created one of the most entertaining puzzle games currently on the service. Fans of the genre will be pleased, once you get past the excessive amounts of cuteness pouring from every direction.

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