Gamespot: NBA Live 09 Hands-On

Gamespot writes: "Because NBA basketball games feature competing titles from both EA Sports and 2K Sports, there is always a great deal of anticipation to see how they evolve from year to year. Although we have yet to see what headway 2K has made on NBA 2K9 (besides getting Kevin Garnett on the cover), we recently had a chance to check out NBA Live 09 at EA's spring press event and, again this week to get some hands-on time with the latest build. Although some of the major additions to the game are still under wraps, we do have the green light to break down how NBA Live 09's presentation, controls, and gameplay feel this year."

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Drekken3799d ago

I am a Live fan, but the 1v1 home court advantage is absolutely rediculous. When my friend comes over, whoever wins the coin toss for home wins 9 outta 10 times. They need to fix this. Away teams do win sometimes!