WorthPlaying Review - Kung Fu Panda

WorthPlaying writes: "Movie tie-in games are, in some ways, the bane of a video gamer's existence. No matter what the movie is, no matter how well it would adapt to being a video game, no matter how much effort or time is put into it, they seem to end up universally bad. It comes as a shock when a movie tie-in turns out to be playable, let alone good, and these low expectations fall even further when it involves a children's title. A game based on a hit animated movie would sell a million copies even if they forgot to put the disc in the case. I must admit that I didn't have the highest expectations for Kung Fu Panda, based on Jack Black's latest cinematic venture. Yet something funny happened once I started playing Kung Fu Panda. Around the third or fourth stage, I took a brief break and realized that I hadn't had a single moment of frustration, boredom or anger. Indeed, I was actually quite - dare I say - happy with what I was playing. Luxoflux's Kung Fu Panda, while far from flawless, turned out to be one of the better children's titles I've ever played."

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