Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Publisher sale details: 16th-22nd Sept 2014

Neil writes "It's time for another Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale and for the next seven days, there are a number of games that can be picked up for a bargain price. Some of which are very very good."

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LAWSON721546d ago

Those 360 deals are pretty good but where is the Xbone deals

MSBAUSTX1546d ago

they have already given us everything they practically can for free on the xbox one. Nothing really new as far as indies and smaller titles coming out so thus there is nothing to discount. I have like 6 or 7 games now downloaded on my XB1. I must say though Warframe is pretty fun for being free.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1546d ago

I played warframe for 30 minutes and decided it was rubbish, predictable cliche after predictable cliche, not to mention the sluggish controls.
A few of my friends have said it's really good and I should try it again, I just can't muster the effort tbh.
Forza horizon 2 demo is now downloading so that'll be my night.

1546d ago
neil3631546d ago

Valiant Hearts is slightly cheaper on Xbox One. Other than that, not a lot to write home about.