Let the Raiding Begin

“Beneath Venus, evil stirs.”

The Director is light on details for the Raid in Destiny. This is by design. The most elaborate mission ever created by Bungie is a mystery as much as it is a challenge – a puzzle and a gauntlet. The race to see who can be first to solve it - with their cunning and their skill - is about to begin.

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bluzone1497d ago

New missions already. Cool

Yo Mama1497d ago

Yeah, but there are final reviews already written up about this game. smh

Gravity_DoGG1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

That's Bungie's own fault.

The only reason they are giving new missions already is becouse they want better review scores. pathetic imo.

Edit: Have to be lv. 26!?. ya, it wasn't supposed to be available already

joab7771497d ago

It's terrible. Only today have reviews started reflecting the game, b/c they are capped and hav played considerable endgame content.

It's amazing how quickly we see the quality, but abandon Bungie as if they don't know what they r doing.

This game is so addictive. I love it.

Allsystemgamer1497d ago


Are you dumb? You realize new mission updates and raid changes are PART OF THE MMO STYLE of games. There's going to be regular updates like this. It's the style of the genre.

thekhurg1497d ago

That's why this game shouldn't have been reviewed. No MMO should be reviewed, since they're never finished and always evolving.

Allsystemgamer1497d ago


I said NOTHING of the sort. I said it's the nature of the game. So far it's a 7.5 for me. But go ahead putting words in people's mouths to prove your own agenda. The missions are coming in regular flow because it's how these kinda of games work, not because they want the game to get better scores. That is literally one of the most ignorant dumb comments I've ever read

The top dumb comments go to true fan.

averagejoe261497d ago


Actually, they announced that before the unfair, negative reviews

Good try tho, troll

FamilyGuy1497d ago

You only need to be level 23 to get in the vault of glass. Add me to try it on PS4 Anyone.
I need help lol

PSN: FamilyGai

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kryteris1497d ago

I'm sure many review sites are waiting to include the raid content. This should be a big selling point if it is epic. So far melee, and sci fi abilities border epicness, but the game as a whole is so so.

Gravity_DoGG1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

They really shouldn't. .

They should make a review of the game as it was then it got released. That's actually a really normal thing to do :)

and another review when it gets another raid & another & another & another. If they want to waste theire time with that .

JeffGUNZ1496d ago


Raids were announced months and months before release. They are ENDGAME content.

That was July 30, well before the game was released.

We get it, this game isn't your cup of tea, but something has gotten you so bitter towards this game it's embarrassing. At least get your facts straight. Above you commented that they only added this mission due to bad reviews? Really? The name of the raid and the specifics about it were announced during the beta. Yeah, but they just made this up real quick.

mrmack001497d ago

I'm not gonna be able to do this! No matchmaking! Argh

joab7771497d ago

Eventually it will have matchmaking. But for now, it won't be. Many mmo's do this.

ramiuk11497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

ruined it for me because i only have a couple of ps4 friends.
might have to join a clan.

anyone know of any UK clans
psn is UK_Militia

ThatOneRiggaNob1497d ago

This is cool and all but the fact that there is no matchmaking for it and you can no longer get a piece of legendary equipment from this raid once you've aquired your first piece ruins it. I really don't understand the logic behind that.

joab7771497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

It's b/c it's an mmo. And has to be that way.

Many ppl play mmo's, casual, normal and hard core players. Hardcore burn through content at blazing speed. This caps their progress and extends gameplay. It helps to eliminate elitism and segregation. In an mmo, it's a must. As time goes on and new content on tent and higher level gear is released, these raids will have matchmaking, and trading gear will most likely happen to allow new ppl to content on tentative up or vets to make alts.

ThatOneRiggaNob1497d ago

uhhh no? Runescape is an mmo and there was no limit on how much loot you can get from the raids at god wars or other bosses... Also this game is far from an mmo. It has mmo like features but not enough to classify itself as an mmo.

averagejoe261497d ago

Rune scape... Sure

Every other big mmorpg works this way

Jeff2571497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

I can not wait to give the Raid a shot. I am stuck at level 23 right now but a lot of my clan mates are getting close to level 26. Hopefully soon I will be there too. I am loving that they are staggering the release of stuff and that not all the things they want to release are limited to the Expansion packs. I get that some people are not happy. But I have to wonder if the reviews and people who hate it are too used to games that have a short campaign with a large focus on the MP or something that can be played through quickly only to move on to the next big game. Bungie has stated they want to support this game and franchise over a large span of time and that means it can grow well beyond what we have right now. Even as I hit higher levels I am still seeing new things to do and the way even story missions and strikes get modified across the higher levels are insane. I can't imagine what the raids and future missions will be like but hopefully Bungie will listen to the community about what we want to see. I for one plan on sticking around for the long haul though and seeing just what Bungie does do with the game.

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