Now That Microsoft Owns Mojang, What's Next?

MegaJon28 writes "It was made official this morning, Microsoft now owns Mojang. The deal was made for a sum of 2.5 Billion dollars. It was clear with the rumors flying around that something was going on between the two companies with buy out talks coming later on in the week. Now that Microsoft owns arguably one of the most popular gaming franchises, what’s next for Minecraft and Microsoft?"

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Hellsvacancy2403d ago

Knowing MS they'll butcher it

Naga2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Aside from the underperforming Rare, what basis are you going off of? They acquired Bungie, and Halo has become a smash hit. They acquired Lionhead, and Fable games have sold millions and earned multiple Game of The Year awards. And even with the Rare situation - which could be attributed to several factors - they churned out a fantastic follow-up to Killer Instinct.

That is NOT to say that Microsoft will assuredly steward the Minecraft franchise to success; they could still mishandle the IP and run it into the ground, just as anyone could. However, I think the notion that Microsoft will just automatically screw this one up might be based on some questionable presumptions, given the evidence of their prior acquisitions.

98xpresent2402d ago

He seen another fanboy write it .

redwin2402d ago

I admire that MS will keep the game in other consoles, but good for MS, they have been making great head waves . Minecraft , tomb raider, black tusk, dlc first Xbox from call of duty, Ryse , halo, sunset overdrive . I think they'll not be PS but they'll be ok

TheRealTedCruz2402d ago

While I agree, for the most part, it must be said that Rare had nothing to do with the latest Killer Instinct title. That was Double Helix.
At the same time, good on Microsoft for seeing potential in a studio that, while eager to prove themselves, had been tied down by budget titles and movie tie-in titles for the majority of their time as a studio.

FarEastOrient2402d ago

There's plenty of examples: FASA (Mechwarrior Series), Ensemble (Age of Empires), and Flight Studio. Not including the number of IPs that the company killed over the years. As you can see my grip starts with the PC front that shows Microsoft killing both PC and console studios.

miyamoto2402d ago

Ahem, Ahem...

RIP, Nokia phones

RIP Minecraft soon

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3-4-52402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Tomorrow they will announce Mojang is now making ios games only.

jk...seriously though, this isn't a bad move for microsoft..

They just OVER SPENT.

They could have taken that 2.5 Billion, and built 6-7 small to large dev groups.

These 7 dev groups could put out more games than Mojang ever will, and the odds of 1 of those seven being a series worth continuing is pretty good.

gangsta_red2402d ago

"They could have taken that 2.5 Billion, and built 6-7 small to large dev groups."

They have already announced 5 new first party devs! Why do people always say that "MS should have...", when they did!

Building more devs and smaller teams and paying for all that over time would probably be more than the 2 billion invested, not to mention those 6 or 7 small teams are not even guaranteed to make a return in profit. So it might even mean money wasted, so how is that money well spent?

Minecraft is a more than proven franchise almost on a Mario like level and Mojang are a proven developer. That is money well spent in the long run.

gangsta_red2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

It must be cool to just go along and ride the wagon with what the masses of N4G think.

MS buys anything and automatic, countless comments of "MS will ruin it" come poring out.

Next we'll have the tried and true comment of:

"why didn't MS spend this on their own 1st party studios?"

when before it was:

"MS should but more 1st party studios."

You can't reason with this logic that keeps switching daily.

hello122402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

[email protected] Exactly obviously the bubble system works if you're trolling going off topic things like that, but unfortunately the bubble system can be abused. You are going to get more upvotes for saying great things about Sony and half the people on here with lots of bubbles are Sony fanboys.

If we are going to have an honest debate about the two consoles, the bubble system needs to be got rid off and just keep the agree and disagree button if you don't like what the person is saying.

No other site on the web restricts people like that, often you can't reply back to someone. Hopefully others feel the same way, but its n4g so i don't know?

Joe9132402d ago

If they are smart they would just let them run the business like they have been and just sit back and collect money.

700p2402d ago

Knowing you, youll cry about it.

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Aleithian2402d ago

The end of the world as we know it.

Lowsnamebrand2402d ago

Now do you mean that literal or are we just talking about a seed generated minecraft world?

Funantic12402d ago

MS knows what they're doing. They've already made some money back cause I know I'm buying Minecraft.

Joe9132402d ago

And very smart of them not making it exclusive.

bleedsoe9mm2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

something big , if ms thinks they will make 2.5 billion off mojang and minecraft by next june .

DigitalRaptor2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

It would have to be something big, which is why this acquisition puzzles me. Mojang made $129m profit last year. So judging by that, it would take 20 years for Microsoft to make back on their investment.

3 years ago this would have been an absolutely amazing investment, but Minecraft has more or less peaked. They've basically put down $2.5 billion on a single IP that has made most of its money already. The ones heading the studio have left, and they're not going to be making another hit like Minecraft again. A gamble of $2.5 billion just makes no sense to me. Best of luck to them, as I wouldn't want this kind of money to go to waste.

bleedsoe9mm2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

its puzzling or i'm stupid (which i wouldn't rule out) MS is telling thru its investor relations that the are going to make the 2.5 billion investment back by June 2015 . minecraft has already sold allot on a bunch of different platforms , there can't be that much money in the revenue streams for existing minecraft . so they are either going to come out with minecraft 2 (or expansions that are essentially making it minecraft 2) , are planning on selling allot of hardware with minecraft as a killer app , or mojang has another title nearly ready that they think will sell as well if not better than minecraft . Or maybe the merchandising end of minecraft is making allot more than people think .

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