Next-Gen.Biz Interview: Making Far Cry 2 Stand Out

Next-Gen.Biz writes: "Ubisoft Montreal creative director Clint Hocking tells Next-Gen how the developer is giving Far Cry 2 the shot in the arm it needs to become more than simply another shooter.

With the underwhelming impact of Haze gamers could be forgiven for thinking that the shooter genre is approaching stagnation. Additionally, with more and more games touting the open-world theme, including Ubisoft Montreal's own Prince of Persia, it's a phrase that is awarded exponentially less meaning as time goes on. Unlucky for Far Cry 2 it is both a first person shooter and an open world game.

"What we tried really hard to do from the very beginning was say, 'Okay, if this is a game where we're going to shoot people most of the time, what does that even mean?', says Hocking. 'Ninety to a hundred percent of people who you shoot in a game, except for maybe the last villain, don't matter. When the player interacts with people who might ultimately become their enemy, they need to care about them so that their choice to shoot or not is a meaningful one, instead of just another guy hiding behind a crate: Wash, rinse, repeat for forty hours or something.'"

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ChampIDC3772d ago

I'm hoping they can pull off what they're planning with this. Sounds like it could be great. I'm just hoping they don't copy Crytek's crazy idea of putting mutant experiments into the game like the original. I prefer intelligent human AI over mindless monsters any day.