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The day the Vita scene imploded: more than 50 game exploits leaked

If you’ve followed the Vita hacking scene over the past 2 days, you’ve definitely noticed that “stuff” has been going on.

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Community3534d ago
jujubee883534d ago

Christmas has come early! :)

frenchtoast3533d ago

Should say explode, implode sounds like it was destroyed.

yewles13534d ago

Ladies and gentlemen, the REAL reason Sony abandoned AAA 1st party support on the Vita...

ABizzel13534d ago

And if the Vita is fully unlocked understandably so. No one has time or money to waste making games only for people to hack the system and let them be downloaded for free.

At the same time wasn't that the point of the new memory cards to make pirating harder, and if it becomes an open hack, they might as well start allowing microSD.

Imalwaysright3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Then why make the device in the 1st place? It's Sony's system and of all the publishers in the world, they're the ones that have the responsibility to support it. They can't assume that everyone that bought their system is a pirate.

Also did anyone really believe that Sony's proprietary cards would stop the Vita from being hacked? If hackers want to hack any device, they'll eventually find a way to do it. It won't take long for all next gen consoles to be hacked too.

masterfox3534d ago

Isn't the 3ds hacked too ? and that thing sell pretty well ?

UltimateMaster3534d ago

There's also a better/simpler way to get these games on your Vita.
Buy them on your PS3, then copy them to your Vita.

All of them have a digital release too.

veegeeeffex3534d ago

Vita games are not affected and the Vita system itself still isn't vulnerable. Sony did not abandon the Vita because people can run PSP games and emulators on it, are you mad?

Patrick_pk443534d ago

This. The PSP can easily be hacked, which then allows one to download a .ISO of a video game on the platform and play it for free. Kernal exploits on the Vita allow one to also download a PSP .ISO on the Vita and play it for free, but it doesn't work for native PSVITA games.

DeadManMMX3534d ago

Booo this is not the reason at all. Psp was one of the most easily hacked systems ever but games kept coming because of sales. Vita is unfortunately not selling well it's a circle they don't makes games because it doesn't sell and it doesn't sell because they don't fully support it. This may take away but relative few use these exploits that only work with the psp side. I for one am not giving up playstation plus deals sales and Psn support for games I could have natively on my 50 dollar psp.

SilentNegotiator3534d ago

Yeah, it wasn't the crappy sales or anything....

RexDD3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

This doesn't allow Vita game piracy. You can only run homebrews on most of the exploits and the eCFW just allows PSP/PS1 ISOs. No Vita game piracy at all. Research before you talk mate.

360ICE3534d ago

Probably not, right? The real reason seems to be that it's not selling that much and that they have another console called the PS4. Still, though. I'd like to see more Sony support for the Vita.

jholden32493534d ago

Or any at all for that matter. After Natural Doctrine and Freedom Wars we're cashed out. Sony went MIA

360ICE3533d ago

Gravity Rush 2 is on its way. If it's not cancelled or being made for PS4, that is.

TimeSkipLuffy3534d ago

Actually this can boost hardware sales which the Vita desperately needs. Sony needs to sell Vitas first before devs are jumping on their handheld. If Sony is not supporting their device with AAA games then maybe hackers can boost its hardware sales...

Fireseed3534d ago

Yes because a leak that happened years after the Vita was launched is the TRUE reason the Vita was destined to have no support...

Salooh3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Iphone have jailbreak . But did it fail ?. No , because the hardware is heavily supported in software.. This doesn't effect the vita even a little bit , in fact it bring more hardware sales. Apple are smart , they are taking advantage of the jailbreak. Jailbreak bring new innovative features and then they just steal it and put it in update. So if sony smart too they will do the same. It's their fault if the vita fail. They need to make some sacrifices if the sales isn't moving well. That's the only option.

If someone brought me an option to hack the vita i will do it, at least they will give me a reason to use my vita which i don't know where it is right now lol . Otherwise , small games ain't for me and the features are not enough because it have more promise then it's current state..

clouds53533d ago

You can't really compare a hacked console with jailbreak. Main goal of console hacking is pirating games. Main goal of jailbreaking has always been improving the os with more features and customizing. Not saying piracy is not a problem on smartphones but it's not the sole reason why jailbreaking exists.

UltimateMaster3534d ago

Are you high? Or simply didn't bother reading the article.

The PSP was hacked since like 2008 and there's been plenty of support for the system.

BTW; aren't people on PC claiming that people that hack games on PC below 10%? If that's the case, why would it different on a handheld?

We're just taking about mods for games, something possible on PC.

AndrewLB3534d ago

And if PC hacking was nearly as huge as the console people claim, why is it that PC games generate more annual revenue than console games??
People have this habit of looking at the physical game sales on Vgchartz and other sources when the fact is roughly 92% of PC game sales are digital.



Not to disagree with you, but PC gaming generates more money because it have way more titles, many of which are small free games supported by ads.

If you go comparing a multiplat, consoles generally are responsible for more copies sold than PC (although there are exceptions).

And VGChartz? Anyone who takes that seriously is a morom, period.

SojournUK3534d ago

Vita has only been exploited to play old psp/ps one games. This has been the case for a long time. No vita game backups are playable so how does this have anything to do with 'abandoned AAA 1st party support on the Vita'?

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WeAreLegion3534d ago

Oh, cool! Please make articles about it and draw attention!

Silly gameAr3534d ago

Oh, and they should up the heat to make it get even more attention. It's so obvious when articles like this just get approved and in like 15 minutes, it's up to 200 degrees.