PSX Extreme: Arcana Heart Review

PSX Extreme writes: "When you see a box sitting on the store shelf and the name Atlus is on it, what typically runs through your head? Well, one would probably think of words like Japanese, depth, and of course, RPG. Publisher of some of the most intricate role-playing and strategy games in the past generation they often team up with Nippon Ichi, which creates the Disgaea franchise titles Atlus isnt a company most gamers normally equate with the fighting genre. But Arcana Heart is indeed a two-dimensional fighting game with a few very interesting twists, and the depth of some of those RPG games shines through nicely in the gameplay. The fighting category isnt anywhere near as healthy as it was a decade ago, but fans always enjoy a nostalgia trip with a game that casts a rosy hue on the glory days of yesteryear. Furthermore, Atlus is also known for originality and innovation, so its not surprising to see that Arcana Heart includes some nifty never-before-seen gameplay features."

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