Dev Explains Why Space Engineers Is An Xbox One Exclusive & Why It Will Not Be Coming To PS4 For Now

"During last month's Gamescom, Microsoft announced that Space Engineers will be coming first to the Xbox One and will be a console-timed exclusive for a full year before it can hit other platforms."

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hello121495d ago

I'll give it a go, but its coming to PS4 too so it all good for everyone.

SilentNegotiator1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Yet you'll gladly instantly dismiss any indie game that releases on Ps4 first.

Cueil1495d ago

I wish we'd come up with different words for different type of indie games though... it's really annoying that we call Double Fine games "indie" along with some 2 or 3 man studio's game

Bigpappy1495d ago

Indie games aren't all equals

SilentNegotiator1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

But all Ps4 indies are equally dismissed by certain users on this site, and then...surprise, surprise! "I'll give it a go" to one exclusive to Xbox.

Not "I don't buy consoles for indie games! I'm glad [console manufacturer] rejects them!" but "I'll give it a go"

BattleAxe1495d ago

This game has already been out on Steam for about a year now.

pyramidshead1495d ago

Great call out, bias exposed. Bubble up.

sAVAge_bEaST1495d ago

Didn't you know NKWS is really Albert Penello?

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elmaton981495d ago

Oh my god, I'm tired of microsoft doing exclusive deals with game companies so they can sell more xbones. Let them release their games on every platform so everyone can benefit from it, not only developers but gamers alike. This is a, I dont know what it is, too much shit from microsoft is what it is.

DougLord1495d ago

So all the PS4 exclusives should be forced to run on Xbone? Hypocrite.

k3rn3ll1495d ago

Uh huh cuz they are the only ones doing it. Damn hypocrites act like MS has to play by a special set of rules because they have more money. Like they can't participate in the norms of the industries. Sigh. I wonder why people feel that gamers are just a bunch of nerdy kids with keyboards.

system221495d ago

You know sony does the same, right?

ghostface91495d ago

Is this a joke ps4 has been doing this a lot more especially with indies

redwin1495d ago

Isn't No Man Sky exclusive to Sony ? Bet, you are happy about that. That was admounced to be exclusive before space walk and tomb raider . It's ok, MS will still keep minecraft in the ps3 after they buy the company, just so other people can play the game.

elmaton981495d ago

Man I was drunk when I posted that comment. Ive only relise now that ive woke up

AngryTypingGuy1494d ago

Tomb Raider is a timed exclusive. It will be on PS4 in 2016. No official announcement yet, but once Microsoft revealed that they only have Tomb Raider exclusivity for a limited time window, you can put two and two together.

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JMyers1495d ago


Aren't you that one said MS doesn't want Indies on their platform, and dismissed them on PS4?


gootimes1495d ago

Yeah, looks like a good game, I will give it a try if it comes to PS4 for sure.

I love indie games, they are always so unique.

MRMagoo1231495d ago

I have already played it for weeks and weeks, its not bad but its not as good as kerbal space program.

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Mega241495d ago

“Microsoft was one of the first who expressed their big interest in Space Engineers and offered their support from the beginning." They funded it, so yeah... Its exclusive for a reason, move along.

joab7771495d ago

Lol. And they are very strict on this. If someone wants to release anywhere see first, MS is done w/ them. Makes me wonder if certain games coming to PS4 will eventually end up on xbone or not.

Oschino19071495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

It happens both ways and is understandable, if one company jumps at the chance to financially aid and the other doesn't timed exclusivity is fine in most cases. Otherwise I don't like paid pre determined exclusivity especially on bigger budget games that don't need it.

Now this isn't a knock on PC so don't jump on me but it sucks their aren't more big powerhouses in PC. Valve is one but they just don't seem to be putting out fresh new stuff like they used to.

Would be nice if Valve is using some of their money for some major sequel upgrades to previous games and maybe a few new ones. Not enough AAA exclusives on PC but def tons of games overall.

I would like to see a Portal sequel or something in the future even if it's a timed exclusive (I would probably wait to play on console). Valve must be doing something, I don't think they are just sitting on their cash. But it has been a while.

Also I think the F2P like Warframe will come to all eventually. Nice having a big community on War Thunder and many other currently out and upcoming F2P/MMO games would greatly benefit from a unified community.

Cueil1495d ago

>_> maybe goto Xbox dot com and check out the Xbox One games and you'll find they really don't enforce that at all

n4rc1495d ago

Can say the exact same thing about Sony..

Everyone complains if Xbox passes on games that won't release at the same time yet nobody can give one example of Sony doing ANYTHING for anyone not putting games on their platform in the same manner..

MeliMel1495d ago


I agree, I dislike the bought exclusives. But I dont see nothing wrong with MS/Sony getting exclusivity if they help fund a title or help with marketing. Like they say making games is expensive and so is the marketing.

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Charybdis1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

it is on steam early acces so not that exclusive and not funded but just supported by microsoft (free devkit maybe some help with dx tools). Its written in c# and direct x, so no real surprises here. they could have asked for more info on this game, looks interesting, instead we get articles like this.
edit: why not post the preview directly

Mega241495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Yeah, they are funding them for the Port, you think ports don't consume time and money? Also, I meant console exclusive, so don't freak out.

Charybdis1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

No problem just wanna avoid misperceptions that the game (as a whole ) is funded or published by microsoft.

More interesting is the release date. Assuming that at the moment there isnt an early acces program on xb1 like on steam.
edit:Furthermore what support did microsoft provide did they offer their services (free devkit, advertising), did they pay for a year exclusivity, does it has to do something with the parity clause or does it simply take an additional year to port it to ps4 with the vrage engine etc. or is it an combination of all these factors.

Godmars2901495d ago

Except its a not fully exclusive title. With the possibility if not likelihood of it coming to the PS4 mentioned with the announcement of it on the XB1. Pretty much the exact opposite of what happened with TR.

Gamerbeyond1495d ago

micro can keep this game, should of been called "watching paint dry, in space"

GodGinrai1495d ago

want some vasaline for that butthurt?

pedrof931495d ago

Applying vasaline after the butt is already hurt ?

HappyWithOneBubble1495d ago

Are you saying you want to grease his butt up? Dude keep your kinky fantasies to yourself.

LordMaim1495d ago

Butthurt? Over Space Engineers? Really?

Has there been a vast groundswell of public desire for Space Engineers that I hadn't been aware of?

BX811495d ago

Some one is mad. I dont care much for my indies personally but its good for those who do

GodGinrai1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )


"Someone is mad"

Well it certainly aint me! lol

"I dont care much for my indies personally but its good for those who do"

I actually clicked agree because of this. But you gotta admit your original comment was a bit...harsh, maybe?

@HappyWithOneBubble ..No. YOU keep those kind of thoughts to YOURSELF, Mr...Take your mind out of the gutter, this is just video games. a wholesome family activity.

@Lord maim...steady now, fella. nobody is saying all that. Seems like an interesting space game, is all. I love space games, personally. Im looking forward to star citizen and no mans sky, also. I do NOT really think gamerbeyond is butthurt. Maybe a bit over enthusiastic with his colourful comment about a small game..... save that kind of comment for stuff like the tomb raider announcement.

Gamerbeyond1495d ago

if building stuff in space is your cup of tea then good for you, you can now build stuff in space on xbox. *golf clap*.

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FsterThnFTL1495d ago

But it is on PC already how can it be an Xbox One exclusive?

Mega241495d ago

It's called Console exclusive, they helped fund the development for the xbox version, people seem to think that ports don't take time.

Imalwaysright1495d ago

Putting the word "console" before the word "exclusive", doesn't make the game exclusive. This game is multiplatform and semantics won't ever change that fact.

Somebody1495d ago

Ports do take time but what happened to the claims made by both Sony and MS just months ago? They both said that it will take mere hours or days for a PC dev to port their games to their consoles.

A whole year of timed exclusive? I don't buy it as some technical difficulty but I do see as an ugly future we're going to see a lot more-MS throwing money around to get year-long timed exclusives. If will only get worse if this strategy cuts into Sony's plan and they starts to throw money around too for a piece of that timed exclusivity.

Foehammer1495d ago

Ah, like Planetside 2 then?

Gamerbeyond1495d ago

i dont think SONY Online Entertainment is going to be making to many xbox

Foehammer1495d ago

I think you need to read what was said.

"But it is on PC already"

So exactly the same.

MRMagoo1231495d ago

yes just like planet side 2 not exclusive, whats your point besides proving him right ?

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