IGN: Destiny - Current Gen Vs. Last Gen Graphics Comparison

See how the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of Destiny stack up against one another.

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d_g3065d ago

same in all platform

BattleTorn3065d ago


That's quite a stretch.

DanzoSAMA3065d ago Show
3-4-53065d ago

well....danzo has 10 brain cells

d_g3065d ago



you got it?

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vikingland13065d ago

Definate difference in textures between the old systems and new.

Gamer7773065d ago

The most noticeable difference between current and last gen is lighting and particle effects. Next gen has better lighting and last gen lacks certain particle effects.

DougLord3065d ago

Wow! I am stunned how little difference there is between the 4 platforms. Forget the difference between the PS4 and Xbone, there is MINIMAL difference between last gen and next gen. This shows that there is no reason to debate whether the Xbone or PS4 are better for multiplats, it should be all about exclusives. And we should start to consider the law of diminishing returns on GFX. Having to have the latest $1000 GFX card and forcing companies to sell tens of millions of copies or go bankrupt, is not healthy for the industry, not when the visual differences are becoming so minimal.

matrixman923065d ago

Been playing on 360, even though I own all four's where my friends are. It looks pretty good, there are some random loading times when exploring planets which I don't think are present on current gen consoles...overall it looks pretty good

yarbie10003065d ago

Trust me - the loading times are on the current gen also

DarkOcelet3065d ago

Lol why do you have all 4 consoles and why are you playing it last gen ? Let me guess get it 1000gs here then go XONE get the other 1000gs for free right ? :)

KarmaV123065d ago

He clearly said thats where his friends are, thats why I play my 360 most of the time over my playstation consoles

matrixman923065d ago

Why do I have all 4 consoles? Because I enjoy video games
Why play it on 360? As I said, that's where my friends still play

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