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The once branded 'savior of video games' came to the realization that they needed to modernize their business for long-term success. How did they propose to do this? Well, to start, they expressed interest in a new operating system that would work on each of their platforms, similar to what Apple has done with iOS. Couple this with President Iwata's promise to expand Virtual Console support - partially by bringing Nintendo DS games to the eShop - and fans should have plenty to look forward to. Other highlights include leveraging smart devices to gain new customers, improving upon lackluster marketing, and game character rights being licensed to new partners. A promising start, for sure, but the very moment Nintendo seemed to convey they understood their missteps, Iwata said this:

"We haven't been targeting children enough."

Wuh-oh. There's that ire again.

Mike Zupan of Dodd Scientifics provides an analysis of Nintendo's year to date, and what it means for the company and consumers in general.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1586d ago

Yet another article hypocritically condemning Nintendo for the same things that people have been praising the other companies for, despite the fact that they've been doing far more things right than wrong lately.

They do need to kill Region Locking, though.

Shnazzyone1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Context. Iwata's quote at the start was in reference to why amiibo figures. Though, I as adult will also buy the shit out of them.

Meanwhile, I like seeing what nintendo is doing with DLC. The packages are great on their own but with additional benefits to simply elongate the game. they aren't needed and they always give you your money worth.

Look at fire emblem dlc. The DLC wasn't necessary, but it was a great additional way to get gold, relationship link, and experience for your characters, Some added additional story too. It was a nice addition for 5 bucks. However you could easily have as much fun without it but it was something nice to add on.

Look at mario kart 8. That game is incredible even without DLC. But they threw in a new update and for only 15 more dollars you get more mario kart than ever. Immediate reward of the improvement from the update and the fun of a few more karts. Buying the DLC also added a bunch more colors for yoshi and shyguy. On top of that, for that mere 15 bucks you get 16 more tracks coming down the pipe. That's more than half the already purchased premium game. Plus 6 new characters from varying franchises (awesome and FINALLY. Mario kart doesn't HAVE to be just mario) and 8 more karts. Incredible value.

Nintendo's on the right track as usual.

mzupeman1585d ago

Iwata's quote at the beginning was from the Q3 earnings report at the end of January 2014... about the same time they 'fell on the sword'. The Amiibos weren't even revealed at that point.

stragomccloud1585d ago

This guy is going on about Mario Kart 8 having half of the tracks being remakes. Last time I checked though, half of the tracks in nearly all Mario Kart games are retro tracks.

About the roster.... He complains about it being lacking, and yet, isn't this by far the largest roster yet?

Also, Nintendo is actually doing DLC right. The main game is a full game. The DLC adds a considerable amount of content to that full game, as does so at a great value.

Geekman1585d ago

By "lacking" he means no Ridley.

ZeekQuattro1585d ago

You might be on to something. Its hard for some people to let go. haha

mzupeman1585d ago

In today's day and age, with how much dev time they put into something like Mario Kart, we should have more new tracks than this. But surprise surprise, more 'new' tracks are coming via DLC!

And the roster was a ton of repeats and a lot of baby versions of the characters we know and love. I think they could have done better.

stragomccloud1585d ago

Mario Kart fans love the remastered retro tracks. And every Mario Kart game at least for the past 10 years has had 8 cups. Now we're getting 4 more cups and more characters for only $14. So, 50% more tracks for 23% of the cost of the game. That's a deal.