How Fallout Teaches You How to Move Out

Fallout is a rare game that deals with the real life process of moving in a realistic way. What can be learned about how you should move out on your own from how you play Fallout?

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RondoMachete1497d ago

I never thought of it like that.. Fallout 3 is still my best game ever,so wanting Fallout 4.

Omnisonne1497d ago

Personally I learned alot from Fallout, especially New Vegas' DLC

There are alot of hidden teachings and different perspectives in those games

Matt6661496d ago

Oh yea its fine considering on Fallout you don't have to pay for the following;

water bills,
gas bills,
electric bills,

I wouldn't really say it taught me to move out, but I would say it has taught me other stuff like how to barter etc