Destiny's Got A Special Store That Only Shows Up On Weekends

Destiny's not great about explaining all of the nooks and crannies and ways of getting more exotic weapons, but that's ok because we have the Internet and the power of crowdsourcing. So here's your latest tip.

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FamilyGuy2600d ago

That's pretty cool.

I had a few of those coins in the beta but have yet to get a single one in the full game :(

Maybe it's cuz I'm not level 20 yet? (Just hit 19)

temple2600d ago

I think I got one at the mail person once I hit 20 along with my first shader. It could be random though (my shader was Jester so if you get the same it isn't random).

PFFT2600d ago

yeah its random. I got that Royal something shader.

ShowGun9012600d ago

just hit 20 and ive gotten 2 so far... try playing the new salvage mode this weekend, that where i got 1 of them! good luck!

gigoran2600d ago

Story quality? WTF
Like the website? NO


Alicornium2599d ago

why? it was a cool thing most didn't realize.

Gravity_DoGG2600d ago

cool. But sold it already. too repetitive to be fun

Ron_Danger2600d ago

"cool. But sold it already. too repetitive to be fun" - he said smugly as he pops CoD into his console to play his 10,000th death match

Gravity_DoGG2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

I don't play cod but your a funny guy. haha hahahahaha no

you cared enough to comment on it. Do you feel bashed by I sold it? bro dude

CaspuR2600d ago

dont worry youll be doing the the same strikes for a 10,000s times to.

PONTIAC08G8GT2599d ago

Enjoy playing the same bounty 10,000 times and running through the same areas 10,000 times.

Shadonic2600d ago

just because its repetitive doesnt mean it cant be fun, sadly you missed out on the heroic strikes that kick up the games difficulty ten fold, we barely lasted 10 minutes of the devils lair strike. Its sort of designed to be enjoyed through the longing for better or rare gear that drive to get new things that's apparent in most games these days. The difference is that in most FPS games its through basic leveling up that we get new weapons where as in Destiny its of that of an RPG and levels dont play as much of a factor when it comes to if you will receive them.

Sad you didint even get to do raids yet.

CaspuR2600d ago

LOL im level 23 in the game and i did every thing this game has to offer, im close to gettting my legendary crucible gear and have 1 strange coin away from getting my exotic hunter helmet. Hes not missing anything, Raids are going to be stikes but longer, as if we needed a longer strike. What destiny lacks isnt more game modes just imagination.

FarEastOrient2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

If you're complaining about raids as something that is longer. Than you must've never paid attention to other MMO games that Destiny pulls from.

Jughead34162599d ago

@Shadonic - You're right. The Strikes kick up the difficulty big time. You have to be really skilled and persistent to get through them. They are really fun. Forces you to strategize with complete strangers. For all those who're hating on the game, I bet they never even got to level 20. It's one thing to complete the full game then give a sound opinion, but people aren't even giving it a chance. One of my favorite games.

LordMaim2599d ago

Wow. You might have given it at least a week before selling it and wasting your money. Especially with all the free content that is coming out week to week.

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moegooner882600d ago

Having a blast with the game, can't remember the last fps I had that much fun playing.

ShowGun9012600d ago

thats the general concensus it seems, everybody ive talked to loves it! cant wait to get off work, ive got a whole destiny weekend planned LOL!

PFFT2600d ago

I highly agree! The game is freaking great!

Jughead34162599d ago

Seems like most of those who've actually played it are having an awesome time. Like myself. I'm at work right now in torment because I can't play. I'm just about to level up to level 20 too. One more Crucible playthrough should do it. Every game has its haters. Little Big Planet 3, Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, are all games that are supposed to be awesome and I'm sure they will be. But they will have some who will hate just to hate.

tracyllrkn2600d ago

Trying to get the Coins so I can buy that gear. If anyone wants to do the level 26 heroic strike, add iceboy15. I'm currently level 23.

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