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Slightly behind the limited releases of NHL 15 and Madden 15, comes FIFA 15’s long awaited ‘pre-season’. The game’s demo is now available for free on PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE and PC. The demo comes with a decent range of available content; players can play as one of 8 real-life teams, including Manchester City and Barcelona, or as one of 5 pre-determined FIFA ‘Ultimate Teams’, although the only stadium available in the demo is Liverpool’s Anfield.

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Nathan1701500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

In this case I think is feasible to do reviews. Maybe the right word is impressions.

TheBreezyBB1500d ago

WTF!! seriously? that is beyond stupid! Reviewing a demo!!

toddybad1500d ago

This is the only demo i would disagree with you about. FIFA14 was soooo terrible that any reviews might be useful. Though quite why you wouldn't try the demo is beyond me. People just want others to tell them what they should like in the end.

TheBreezyBB1500d ago

It's a fucking demo, you don't need a fucking review for it you can actually fucking try it yourself.

toddybad1500d ago

I have played the demo.
PLaying multiplayer against my daughter (who is fantastic at FIFA tbf), I was unconvinced from the beginning and after one day decided to cancel my pre-order. She was unhappy with that but once I told her to watch the goalies and how often they drop simple shots straight to attackers she quickly changed her mind. After 3 matches it had become almost an in-joke for us to cheer when the goalie actually caught the ball. The goalies will ruin this game in multiplayer mode. Ground based though balls are also way way too easy to pull off.

The demo does actually play better in single player mode but that's not how i personally like to play FIFA.

I haven't cancelled yet but I have serious reservations about this game, especially the GKs.

Thefreeman0121500d ago

So you were going to cancel your preorder bc the goalkeeping was too real? You know in real life most keepers are just trying to get a hand on a shot... In past fifa gk had stick um on there gloves.. catching everything and it was like a brick wall...

toddybad1499d ago

No, learn to read.
The goalkeepers drop simple shots, not just ones that they wouldn't realistically catch. If you take 20 slow shots practically down the middle they spill about 10 of them onto onrushing attackers. even where pro goalies don't catch they tend to palm to safety not blithely dish it straight in front of the goal.
Too much emphasis on the new animations which to my mind should compliment the existing ones, not replace them all. It's as if no shots are routine any more.

sizeofyou1500d ago

The keepers can't catch but do manage to get a limb in front of nearly all shots. The shooting model is fairly horrific. The computer controlled players try to dribble the length of the pitch all the time without passing. They also nearly always play a short pass at free or goal kicks. You can rarely get a player on the end of a long clearance.
Presentation is nice but gameplay is a step back in my view. Cancelling my pre-order too, will see what PES is like but resigned to a year without football. Glad they released a demo!

ForgottenProphecy1500d ago

Next comes the Fifa 15 trailer review! 4/10 because Messi wasn't in it long enough, but it showed off a lot of cool gameplay !!