Game Journalism isn't Dead: It Never Existed

"Let’s face it; game journalism is for marketing and promotion. Video game websites, and magazines before them, exist to show off the next product that a consumer should buy. There isn’t research, just rehashes of press releases that are available to everyone."

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lelo2play1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

"Game Journalism isn't Dead: It Never Existed"

Have to agree. The so called gaming "journalists" are quite a sad bunch.

venom061499d ago

evidence of this pathetic biasness and lack of integrity culminated when Activision got in the bed with IGN through the purchase of the IGN PRO-LEAGUE. Talk about conflict of interest. Now IGN overhypes ANY FPS from Activision to hell and back (even more than before)..

cleft51499d ago

I agree with that, but until recently gamers could pretend like the gaming media was credible. It's all to clear now that the current gaming media is corrupt to its core.

Dee_911499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

The author of this article seems to think gaming journalism only consist of previews and reviews. That is a major part of it but there is way more to it than just that.The issue I have been noticing and I am sure a lot of you have too, is the disconnect from gamers and gaming "journalist" over the years, and with the Zoe and anita and fish issues it sort of just brought all of this and then some to light.They don't care about games let alone the gamers..They just want clicks and to make developers and publishers happy... I guess thats why gaming journalism mostly consist of previews and reviews now..
Oh what I wouldn't give for a sensationalized HHG article right now.. too bad he's banned from N4G.. now all we get is clickbait, graphics and top 10's.. Gaming journalism isn't dead because there are still good gaming culture sites but there aren't many..

Chrischi19881499d ago

Gaming journalism is full of egotist gamers, who think their opinion on games is more important than from other gamers. I take journalism serious, but not gaming journalism, it is full of half hearted, bought out, child gamers who like to write stuff.

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recto851499d ago

It's dead thanks to kotaku, ign, gamespot and so on...
They hate gamers and sell good reviews. Not to mention some lame indie devs prostitution.

Boody-Bandit1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

I disagree. It's the creation of blogosphere being passed off as the gaming media that was the downfall of the media as a whole. And to be totally honest it's most of OUR fault just as much for not demanding more. No instead most of us come here and argue over nonsensical rhetoric. Most people don't want honest criticism. It usually breaks down to us vs them.

Say you play them all and you're pandering. Say you own one console and you're not a true gamer and or a fanboy / troll. Labels, labels, labels.

Most of us would rather pull out our peckers and measure for distance and accuracy as opposed to having honest rational discussions about this hobby of ours.

Excellent well written articles that are really informative rarely ever get above 100 degrees on this site but pit one console up against another or popular game vs another and all hell breaks loose.

Now IGN, Gamespot, EGM, Game Informer started losing traffic going up against the drive by tabloid blogosphere journalist so they too have become cellar dwellers just to garner hits. PR departments in this industry are also equally guilty of this cesspool of negativity and hyperbole.

We could turns this around if we demanded better and called those out on the carpet lying for hits or PR departments that spin, lie and mislead their consumers.

It's a shame N4G doesn't have better restrictions and actually had criteria these sites thrown together in a day had to follow. Another thing I wish would happen is the gaming industry either do away with rating systems in reviews or have all sites follow criteria set by them or don't give them the product to review. It would also be nice if sites like metacritc actually had standards as well.

I said something similar to this on an early post today and I received like a 10 to 1 disagree ratio. Most people on this site don't want information or honest opinions. They want division and polarization, chest pounding and pecker measuring.

I keep hoping someone would create a site similar to this one that could reel in gamers that just want to discuss games without all the fanboy nonsense. It surely isn't going to happen here. Especially since N4G did away with the 2 zones and will let anyone create a site and post practically anything they want. The more sensationalist, the more hits. the more revenue.

DefenderOfDoom21499d ago

The funny thing is , i believe if ll all the members of N4G, met at some gaming convention, all the hate would not exist . We would just laugh and have fun playing video games.

recto851499d ago

Gamers don't care about labels... console wars started long before SNES VS Megadrive era and done nothing but good. Blogosphere is shady too.
We don't need all this shit, all we need is a community like reddit news=>source and gamefaq for user review.

Baccra171499d ago

BS. It did exist back in my time. From the previews, that actually previewed the game without spoiling it and told you what was good and what they hoped would get fixed, to the reviews and articles- we had journalism. To claim that we didn't just gives these current ass-hats a pass because now you have taken away the yard stick to measure them by and the standards to which we would hold them accountable.

BrandanT1499d ago

Why's the picture Satoru Iwata? IMO it doesn't seem related to the topic. The pic should've been something like a pic of Michael Pachter or fanboy wars or lackluster reviews with no depth even th IGN logo. Anything that seems to be related to bad journalism.

BosSSyndrome1499d ago

Maybe he's scolding them.

Baka-akaB1499d ago

I agree with the sentiment that we never really had it in the past , still it got increasingly worse

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