Q&A: EA on launching Spore Creature Creator

As the developers of one of the most highly anticipated games on this year's release calendar, the team at Maxis is currently feeling the crunch when it comes to finishing Spore. Due for release in September on the PC, Mac, and Nintendo DS, the game will let you control various life-forms from the cellular to the galactic level, and then share these creations with other people around the world. Wii and mobile versions are also planned for a later, undisclosed date.

The first part of this grand idea was realised today when Maxis launched the Spore Creature Creator worldwide. Costing £4.99 in the UK and $10 in the US, the toolset lets players begin creating their own creatures before sharing them. A free trial version is also available.

To mark the occasion, GameSpot cornered Maxis executive producer Lucy Bradshaw to find out more about the Creature Creator, as well as the latest developments on the game itself.

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ravenguard883826d ago

I can't wait for this game. Even if it turns out to be nothing special, it will add some much needed variety and over a change in pace, not to mention get some creative juices flowing.

The Milkman3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

PC games piss me off!! Yea Im pissed right now so I might be talking out of anger but I dont care. I hope PC gaming drowns in a pool of sh*T!!! whY is that? Because they always got to make it so complicated to install and actually get it to play. Also you have to update your computer every year if you want to play a new good PC game it seems. Im sorry I dont want a console that last only 2-3years THANK GOD I DONT HAVE THAT PROB WITH CONSOLES!

When I want to play a console game I just pop the sh*t in and be on my way. If I do have to install anything it does it all on its own basically and I dont have to look for a special startup file. That my friend is why PC gaming is dieing because its drowning in a pool of complicated sh*T..

Just think if if sex was as complicated as PC gaming... You would have to talk to your &*^& for two hours and hope it plays by the end of the conversation. I'm sorry I hate PC gaming and I cant wait until it dies completely so it all goes to console gaming. Yea theres some good things about PC gaming but Im sure they could do the same on console now seeing consoles are now going more towards online gaming. Then maybe you dont have to worry about your brother getting a virus on your console from downloading porn. Save that for the PC!

forcefullpower3826d ago

If you think sex is not complicated then i seriously doubt you have a girlfriend.

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The Milkman3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

Last time I checked sex wasnt as complicated as the PC. Thats sucks for you. So you have to have a conversation to your #$%# for 2 hours?
I'm hoping you just didnt get my point.

P.S. Im not expecting a response to this.