Sony provides fix for PS4 disc ejection problems

Console Monster writes: "A number of PlayStation 4 systems are suffering from disc ejection problems, according to Sony.

In a tutorial video, Sony detailed what console owners should do “if a PS4 system ejects discs unexpectedly” or “if a PS4 system beeps as if the eject button has been pressed when no disc is present”."

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Camb316911588d ago

This actually happened to my first ps4. I traded it in with GameStop in May because they were doing some promotion and got the destiny white bundle instead. Glad they fixed it though. It was seriously annoying. It was like my ps4 was sick. It kept coughing

inveni01587d ago

FINALLY. Official confirmation that I should send in my PS4. Bummed I have to do it, but oh well. I'll try to survive while it's gone. (Though I was hoping a software patch would have worked.)

hkgamer1588d ago

im guessing this is more widespread then what we previously thought?

can sony not just release a big patch to resolve all issues?

caseh1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

The fix for many people is physical rather than software.

Issue happened to me about a week ago, takes about 30 seconds to correct it. :)

Just seen this in the article:

"If the above doesn’t work, PlayStation 4 system owners should arrange for their console to be serviced."

DON'T do this until you've tried the eject screw fix first as it is literally a 30 second fix. Else you're just sending your console off for absolutely no reason.


Exactly! Although the total turn off thing works temporarily, if your probllem is the eject screw fit loose, it will come back. But, at least for me, as soon as I tightned that screw it never happened again (it's been some 3 months).

I don't know if they don't tight it properly on factory or if it gets loose when the console is moved around (in shipping) as it's not ever supposed to be super tight, but anyway, apparently the screw being loose mess up with the disc bay sensor. I believe that make it "think" there's a disc inside you're trying to manually eject, hence it keeps spitting out discs or trying to eject a non-present disc.

PS: In case you don't know what screw we're talking about you can see it on PS4's manual, search for manually eject disc, the screw is under the same cover you open to change the hard drive. You'll need a phillips screwdriver to tighten it, but thankly you won't need to open anything further to fix the problem, so it doesn't mess with warrant.

eferreira1588d ago

All these issues I hear and nothing on my end from all 3 platforms.

Applejack1588d ago

Probably because most of these issues are isolated events and thank goodness for that.

Oschino19071588d ago

Even better is it's not consistent at all. I had it happen months ago, maybe 5-6 times over a few weeks, didn't matter if I was actually playing a disc game or not. But it hasn't happened since and I have been playing multiple disc games fairly often.

fhizikz1588d ago

This happened to my ps4 and this fix worked for me

HaHa_Ostrich1588d ago

I had this issue with my PS3, couldnt get the disc out, lots of noise was comming out... the problem persisted for a week and then it kinda fixed itself. No problem since.

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The story is too old to be commented.