Sony Talks PlayStation Now

GameInformer- "Sony's PlayStation Now open beta is well underway on PlayStation 4 and is set to spread to PlayStation 3, Vita, PlayStation TV, and certain Bravia TVs this fall. We spoke with VP of Sony Network Entertainment Eric Lempel about how the cloud gaming service is going, pricing models, possible subscription models, net neutrality, and more."

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BitbyDeath1524d ago

If I can get $1.99 PS4 games on release for 4 hours to try before I buy then I will be using this a lot. (Providing my internet can handle it).

Ashlen1524d ago

Hmm I remember when game demo's were free, but if your willing to pay for a demo they'll be happy to sell you one.... Then stop giving them away for free...

Power to the gamers... /s

BitbyDeath1524d ago

I see where you are coming from but demos barely exist these days, not to mention they are usually of old outdated builds and don't go on for 4 hours.

SoapShoes1524d ago

Having access to a full game is not paying for a demo. Where the hell have you been playing 4 hour demos anyway?

fr0sty1524d ago

Game demos rarely gave you more than 15 minutes of gameplay. There's a difference here.

Godmars2901524d ago

That's pretty much half the running time of most current titles. The full play time for a few. Nevermind that you're likely talking about day-one to month old releases.

Jubez1871524d ago

4 hours is about half a triple A game's storyline. You could just went it twice for 1.99 and beat the game

Death1524d ago

"Yeah, in fact in our plans going forward we’re looking at everything so there’s the real possibility that you’ll see PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 4 titles available." -Sony's Eric Lempel

PS4 titles available on PSNow without a PS4. Something I have been saying since the service was announced. New Bravia's and PlaystationTV are going to soon compete against the PS4. It will be a no cost or low cost option for casual and even hardcore gamers to play PS4 games.

Conzul1524d ago

He's being grandiose. The bandwidth infrastructure doesn't yet exist to deliver lag-free, 1080p 60fps gameplay to the masses. Like with Video Unlimited, it will be a little-used aspect even when it hits.

Death1524d ago

PSNow isn't streaming 1080p games. I agree with you on the lag free part, but that isn't stopping Sony from pushing forward with their plans. This is also Sony's VP of Network Entertainment talking about Sony's plans to push PS4 gaming with the service. How you can still deny this is beyond stubborn. According to Sony, they want to stream PS4, PS3, PS2 and PS1 games over PSNow.

If you can play PS4 games on your Bravia, PS3, or PlaystationTV, what incentive is their for casual gamers to spend the money on a PS4? Look at pricing, Sony just said according to the article that customers are having a positive experience. While gamers all say "shh, don't complain about prices, it's just a beta" Sony sees this as, "wow, gamers love the price".

Spotie1524d ago

You say stuff like this all the time, fully cognizant of how ignorant it sounds.

We all know full well just how much data streaming a PS4 game would require, and I'm pretty sure we all know that PS4 games aren't coming to PS Now any time soon.

You have this insatiable desire to portray the things Sony does and says as something else entirely, and it bothers me that you're never reprimanded for what's obviously PR spin.

I do wish you'd stop insulting people's intelligence, though.

Death1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Read the article.

PSNow streaming isn't done at 1080p. Take a look at how remote play works with a Vita and a PS4. You can already stream PS4 games to another device. What exactly do you believe the technical hurdle is here?

Sony's VP of Network Entertainment says PS4 streaming over PSNow is part of their plan. You can say it isn't happening all you want, but Sony doesn't agree with you.

I appreciate the response. It's much better than a disagree. I threw you a bubble vote, hope it helps.

Sly-Lupin1523d ago

I'd rather stick with my PS3 or PC for PS1 and PS2 games.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1524d ago

I don't like PS Now for one reason and that's the latency. My 20mbps isn't enough even though they say you only need 5mbps. You can feel the lag when you play. There is at least a quarter to a half a second of lag in your input and it effects fps games extremely like Killzone. I hope Sony isn't going to add PS1 and PS2 games to PS Now instead of making an emulator for PS4. Also how is PS4 games going to be offered on PS Now if all of the servers that Sony have been spending money on are made up of PS3's meaning it can't run PS4 games only PS3 games and the few PS2 classics and PS1 games that are available for PS3.

Sly-Lupin1523d ago

That lag will always be present no matter how fast your internet connection is. Its a problem inherent to the concept--and the chief reason why game streaming will not, or should not, succeed.

I see it as a marketing fad meant to reinvigorate TV sales, much as 3D gaming was a few years ago.

DragoonsScaleLegends1523d ago

I hope they still have a budget to make a PS1/PS2 emulator for PS4.

chaosx1524d ago

Its almost like they never really wanted to make the PS4 at all . Remember when the first did the original reveal and all they showed hardware wise was the DS4 and the camera. Which would be used on a Bravia , ps3 or even the just announced Z3 range phones, that have remote play ability…..

I honestly believe PS Now was supposed to be this generations PS4 and they changed coarse because the product was not going to be ready for the market before the xb1 was released. All of the first titles for both consoles were 720p , perfect for streaming and only went to 1080p after the day one patch.

PS Now is the shot in the head for the PS4. The money is in software and streaming , complete control of the eco system , just like apple has with iTunes.

beerzombie1524d ago

This is what X1 was supposed to be too. They want to make gaming a service with "DRM" which is what PS now is.

Death1524d ago

The Xbox One was going to give users the ability to rip their discs to the HDD and have access to them from anywhere without disc based DRM to verify ownership. To keep people honest, their library was checked once daily against their database to insure ownership. It was one DRM for another. This also made it possible to share games without requiring a separate license. You could still trade in your games, but you were required to do it at an authorized retailer that could unlock your game from the online library. There was a limitation to how many times a game could be resold also.

I thought it was a fair compromise for gamers and publishers to limit the impact the used game market has on game development.

Sony is pushing streaming and renting which also combats used game sales. The issue I have with this is it also combats gamers rights since Sony's vision strips gamers of any ownership at all.

PlaystationTV, PSPGo, Vita, and Sony's new fall line up of HDTV's all have the same goal. They are pushing digital content that can't be traded, resold, or even shared. This is the future of Sony.

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