Could MK9 & MKX be Prequels To a New Mortal Kombat Armageddon Game?

Lots of hidden secrets and hints all point back towards the Mortal Kombat Armageddon game, released way long ago. Following the actual MK9 plot, we could be leading up to another recreation of MKA

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KillaManiac2472d ago

As long as there is no BS universal fatality system then it will be gladly welcomed.

Scenarist2472d ago

too bad the basic moves havent been basic since mk4 ..i miss the basic .. sweep, uppercut, backspin kick..etc.. being universal

mafiahajeri2472d ago

I still don't understand why they haven't made a sequel to shaolin monks or a remastered edition. The gameplay was so smooth and fun, the boss fights were so intense and unique to one another.

Best gow clone last gen IMO and well that's saying a lot.

victorMaje2472d ago

here's to hoping for a remake at least :)

ifrit_caress2472d ago

I didn't like MKA to begin with.

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