Among the Sleep - PC Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

It was a quiet starlit night and all was quiet in the house. PY and his better half set themselves up at the third desk that faces the TV in the study directly and turned off the lights leaving nothing but a tiny nightlight in the hallway that barely makes it into the room. Ready to start... they load the game.

Among the sleep starts off with your second birthday as your mother has made you a cake and uses the choochoo method to make you eat it. This is where everything starts to head downhill. A knock at the door. A look of horror on her face. Her leaves you in your high chair as she answers it. There’s a bit of screaming, a bit of screen blurring, and then she comes back with a box. She takes a quick look inside, decides it happens to be bedtime… after only one bite of cake! The travesty! Which she then brings you into your room and puts you in your playpen as the phone rings. Among the Sleep starts here.

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