WB Play is a Game Publishing Platform With 'Social'

New information has been revealed about WB Play, revealing it to be a "game publishing platform."

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-Foxtrot1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Leave it with Valve and Steam...ffs

radler1502d ago

It could be the worst gaming platform ever seen, significantly worse than Uplay, and people will still obsessively buy the next big game that uses it because gamers have no self control.

People had the chance to stop things like this in their tracks when Ubisoft tried Uplay, and then EA did the same with Origin, but they just can't help themselves. Expect to see more services like this cropping up over the next few years until every publisher has their own service.

Hope you guys enjoy having 30 different accounts just to play some videogames. People will say, "Oh, it's so bad!" but just watch, they'll throw money at WB when Middle Earth or Batman Arkham Knight release.

pwnsause_returns1503d ago

this sh*t needs to die very quickly.

annoyedgamer1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

As I said the game market is going to crash.

Alot of gamers will not like to hear this, but the crash is necessary to clean up the various pockets of scum that has begun to fester within the medium. If and when the market does recover it will be stronger and better.

qwerty6761502d ago

"What's most interesting is the fact both PC and consoles are set to be served by the system."

wonder if sony will allow this one.

user56695101502d ago

Wtf this is getting annoying. Do wb games even publish enough game to make this. I'm not gonna buy any of their games anymore. Didn't get into uplay or origins. I would support these if it was on something on the level on gog with drm but I'm better winning the lottery

annoyedgamer1502d ago

These platforms are glorified drm. GOG is unlikely to adopt it.

Roccetarius1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

The way GOG handles ownership is what i'd like to see Steam and other platforms do. The reality is though, that it's unlikely to happen.

If WB begins to use this exclusively for their games, then i'm unlikely to buy them.

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