Alien: Isolation Starts New Video Series

Alien: Isolation decided there wasn't enough hype for its Oct. 7 release date, so started a new video series with the hashtag #howwillyousurvive.

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CKPan1596d ago

Still worry it will be like Outlast, becoming repetitive after awhile...I'm not sure keeping running from Alien the whole game is a good idea...

Ashunderfire861596d ago

Man Outlast was great a well craft for a horror game. Yes it has repetition, but it had its scares and shocking moments where you got to run! Alien Isolation will have puzzles and traps, weapons to distract the alien and other enemies, and that great Alien A.I. Its what Outlast dream to be. Could you a imagine if they did a game like this for Predator? That would be even more scarier due to Predator's cloaking device.

Mr Tretton1596d ago

You know what is also repetitive? Shooting aliens.

All video games are pretty repetitive.

CKPan1596d ago

but I found first 2 dead space & early resident evil are great survival horror games, they don't just running or shooting, they had good mix of both.