Expect Changes in Weapons on Multiplayer for Gears of War

Black Tusk Studio makes a surprising announcement that involves the players who have been constantly posting about the use of retro lancers on the online servers for multiplayer mode.

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-Foxtrot1554d ago

I think there focus at the minute should be on the story in the campaign

mhunterjr1554d ago

Right, because the folks responsible for MP balancing shouldn't be working until the writers are done their job /s

There are many aspects of the game that deserve 'focus'. The story and the multiplayer are equally important aspects of this franchise. It's pretty silly to suggest they should be focused on one or the other.

donthate1553d ago

Balancing a game and getting multiplayer fun is utmost crucial and takes a lot of experimenting.

I'm a gearhead and this is one of the if not the most anticipated game right now!

Well that and the next Mass Effect, Quantum Break, Halo 5 and Halo: MCC.

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smashman981553d ago


Where someone else chooses to play is none of ur damn business

Gearfox1553d ago

Having a decent story shouldn't come at the expense of a fun and balanced multiplayer mode and nor should it happen the other way round either.

qwerty6761553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

that makes no sense, the multiplayer guys should go help the guys working on the campaign

lol what?

Magicite1553d ago

I wouldnt expect anything for now and Im pretty sure there nothing to expect until E3 2015.

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WeAreLegion1553d ago

That's good to hear. There are some great devs on this new team with tons of experience in multi-player. So, I was expecting major changes. Can't wait to see what they do.

gangsta_red1553d ago

Get rid of the double barrel because it works exactly like the shotgun at close range.

The Hammer Burst should have some other type of perks besides iron sight.

I haven't played Gears in a while but those two points have always stuck out when I was playing the game.

Double Toasted1553d ago

On the Hammerburst, the faster you pulled the trigger, the more powerful it became--and don't even mention active reload with that, lol, you'll become a hated man or woman.

donthate1553d ago

The double barrel is pretty cool for the beginners, so why get rid of it?

It has a wider spread than the gnasher, but a shorter range. It is a well balanced weapon.

voodoochild3461553d ago

The judgment sawed off was perfectly balanced and actually took a bit of skill too. Much easier transition from that to the gnasher and also teaches better habits.

voodoochild3461553d ago

If you think the hammerburst needs buffs then epic should completely ignore your opinion. The hammerburst should have never had iron sights and it removed the skill of using the weapon. Fire as fast as you want if you're like me and have a quick trigger finger(or cheat a buy a modded controller) with absolutely no recoil.

Rifle strength is want kill gears 3 online and you want them to get better? Lol.

Lukebb911553d ago

Story is going to brilliant, i just hope the mp works out.

We know locust will be in mp, dbno will return in all game modes, there will be a larger choice of multiplayer characters and the retro problem will be addressed, looks like I'm going to have another good gears game to stick to for 3+ years.

beereal3601553d ago

Get rid of the noon shoutguns.

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