New Sonic Unleashed Trailer Looks...Killer App?

Sega has released another trailer for their upcoming Sonic Unleashed.

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rickjames4442d ago

wow looks like sonic is gonna be a fun game again

Bleucrunch4442d ago

what the hell what happen to the ps3 I am a sonic freak but I refuse to play it on a 360

Doppy4442d ago

Sonic is in 2.75D. I think it'll work, but from that video it looks as if you do very little play besides button presses. Hopefully you get a little more control over sonic.

PikkonX4442d ago

The end of the trailer showed the PS3, 360, and Wii logo. The game looks great though. I hope a demo comes out.

badz1494442d ago

looks too similar to the one in R&C but it's not like it's trademarked, right? but is the game is really going that fast, what's the point of the environment then? huhu...maybe it's just me but I'm starting to feel a little dizzy!

Vegas4442d ago

Rails have been a big part of sonic game play since the Dreamcast

badz1494442d ago

really? I've never played any sonic games since the mega drive days and never had the chance to play a DC but played some on PSP. I really didn't notice that. thanks though!

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kingOVsticks4442d ago (Edited 4442d ago )

theres the spiky blue ball of seizure fun I grew up with Im glad to see sega finally went back to sonic roots its only took them 7-8 years to realize it:P this game looks a helluva better then the last one. I have high hopes for sonic game *crosses fingers and toes*

San anto4442d ago

looks kool but seems a bit on the rails.. heres to hoping it isnt

Ogrekiller4442d ago

The QTEs are pretty discouraging as well. And yea, it does look pretty linear- but damn the drifting part looks sweet.

Erotic Sheep4442d ago

Looks fun, a demo would sure help deciding tho..

LostChild4442d ago

Same here. The game looks like it's going to be cool and back to what Sonic should be but I need to test out the controls. This way I can make sure they aren't arse backwards like that...other Sonic game.

TOSgamer4442d ago

rules out a killer app. Hope it is fun though.

Superfragilistic4442d ago

Yes because COD4 was a piece of crap :/ end sarcasm

Silly comment.

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The story is too old to be commented.