Guardians of the Galaxy, TMNT, and more: Grading this summer’s movie-based games

GamesBeat: How did the heroes and villains from this summer’s movies fare on the small screen?

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Sadie21002571d ago

I didn't even know half these movies had games attached to them. I guess that's how jaded we are now to licensed products.

XBLSkull2571d ago

You didn't know because they are all crappy mobile games that no one cares about. No one knew except for this author.

Gbits2571d ago

I'm more amazed that every game on this list DIDN'T have a Guardians of the Galaxy tie-in...

Tolkoto2571d ago

I hope we get a proper GotG game sometime.

TheShrew2571d ago

Wow. You are a glutton for punishment. Playing just one movie game sounds just awful to me... let alone 10ish...

bacrec12571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

That X-men one looks solid.

Author, there was a TMNT Movie Game release for Nintendo 3DS too.

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