Gamedaily: The Incredible Hulk Wii Review - This Hulk video game is an abomination

Gamedaily writes: "With The Incredible Hulk taking in $54 million in its first movie weekend, Sega opted to release a licensed video game of the same name. It allows players to smash through locales using the Marvel hero's insurmountable strength. Unfortunately, the game suffers from additional setbacks, almost to the point where you want to yell "HULK SMASH!" and throw it into a wall.

You'll find that the Hulk has plenty of moves in his arsenal as he battles against pseudo-military enemies, mutated members of the Enclave division and, eventually, a huge menace known as Abomination. Unfortunately, you'll struggle to pull most of them off. Punches are limited to pressing buttons on the Wii remote and Nunchuk, rather than performing physical punching motions. Throwing objects (such as cars and decimated tanks) and climbing up buildings are executed by holding the down key on the d-pad, which wears your thumb out over time. As for performing Thunderclaps and healing techniques, forget it. You select the necessary tool from the sub-menu, shake the Nunchuk in a confusing manner and then press the B button at the precise moment."

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