COD5:WW Community First Look

Well everyone,

After plenty of coronas, tortilla chips, and of course… scotch :-) I'm back from my unannounced trip to Treyarch Studios this past Thursday & Friday in Santa Monica, California.

A couple of things first, special thanks goes out to JD 2020 (Community Manager, Treyarch Studios) as he was the one who made it all happen, as well as the rest of the team at Treyarch who participated in the event (most notably: Robert (PR), Rich (Design Head/Guru), and Mark (Studio Head = The Man)). Once I have the full roster including titles, I will make note in a subsequent post.

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crillyconlig3827d ago

people should keep an open mind with this game

turbidDwarf3827d ago

I think this could be a turnaround for Treyarch. The screens released so far are looking great. Especially the ones with flamethrowers and walking through chest-deep swamp water.

Rich16313827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

People need to stop hatin' on this game because it isn't developed by Infinity Ward. Atleast you guys are positive which is a breath of fresh air, everyone else is complaining about this game.

To the complainers: You haven't played the beta, demo OR EVEN SEEN A TRAILER YET, and you still continue to bash it. Give Treyarch a chance. You all make Call of Duty 3 to be the worst game ever, when it was far from it. It was the weakest entry in the series but a good game, none-the-less.

thehitman3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

because its the direction of the game some ppl dont think prettier visuals is going to be enough they just dont want to be in WWII again and with the other shooters releasing during the same time cod5 is going to have a way harder time earning its spotlight.

Stephen Colbert3827d ago

Treyarch has made pure sh!t up to this point, why assume they'll pull it together for this one?

I mean, sure...I'm hopeful.

But I'm not counting on them to pull anything miraculous off.

As I said before I don't care what time period it's in as long as it's fun. And to this point Treyarch hasn't really impressed me in the slightest.

xm15e2s3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

I agree with Rich1631, Call of Duty 3 was NOT a bad game, it just wasn't up to the same standard as the others in the series.

I suspect that Call of Duty 5 will be a very good game. If it turns out to be a "great" game, than all the better.

Stephen Colbert3827d ago

Glitchy multiplayer?

Lackluster campaign?

Invisible facking tanks in multiplayer?!

Yea,...they did a great job with CoD3.

xm15e2s3827d ago

"Glitchy multiplayer?

Lackluster campaign?

Invisible facking tanks in multiplayer?!"

I played many hours of COD 3 and never experienced any glitching or "invisible facking tanks". In fact, I loved the tanks and thought they were a nice option.

I had fun with the campaign (every game I play does not have to be a 9 or a 10 for me to have fun playing it) but I realize that everyone has different tastes, and that some people share your opinions about this game.
Calling it "pure sh!t" is a bit much though, in my opinion.

Fade_Walker3827d ago

No wonder CoD 3 wasn't up to CoD 2 was developed in 8-9 months!

I must say that is quite impressive, but now they have 2 years with CoD 5.

Perhaps I need to open my mind even more.

I think I can handle one more WWII game ;)