The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Free With PlayStation Plus in November

"A Sony employee under the name of Tyrone Rodriguez revealed today via a comment on the official PlayStation Blog that The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth will be offered free as part of the PlayStation Plus program in the month of November. "

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DarkOcelet1529d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

That would be great news if true really .

geddesmond1528d ago

I used to love games like this. Wait for it.

On the NES 25 years ago. I didn't buy a new gen consol for games like this. Seriously my PS1 could run this game and don't you dare disagree with the truth. When people keep accepting games like this no matter how fun they are it just tells the industry to keep giving us more. I want the future, not the past.

OK I know there is still many that want and love games like this but can't you see where I'm coming from.

redknight801528d ago

Then don't download it, simples.

rxl2091528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

thats too bad because i bought a far more expensive gaming pc for games like this. this game is amazing and i cant wait for it on ps4 and vita. if you didnt buy a next gen console for amazing games i wonder why you did buy one. peer pressure? oh well, ill enjoy it even more now with proper controller support

geddesmond1528d ago


I won't be downloading it but as a PS Plus who subscribes for games I want new gen ones.

geddesmond1528d ago


Lol I did buy one for amazing games.

Assassins Creed Unity
Dragon Age
Shadow of Mordor
Drive Club
The order 1886
The Witcher 3 and so on and so on.

Is that all you can say

Fez1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

The Binding of Isaac is one of the gems of last gen! I got a bit of slowdown when playing on my laptop so can't wait to play it with a steady frame rate and DS4 controller.

When this was announced for PS4 I was hoping it would come to PS+ since I wanted it but not enough to repurchase.

I definitely bought a PS4 for great games like this, bring on Guacamelee 2 and other fun pick up and play games please.

uth111528d ago


I always hear people complain that they didn't play $399 on a system to play Indie games. That argument makes no sense because you don't hear the people who paid $1000 give or take on a game PC complaining about indies!

BitbyDeath1528d ago

@geddes, your idea of amazing games are not the same as everyone else's. Not everyone wants games you listed but may want this. Can't please everyone.

DualWielding1528d ago

@rxl209 and @uth11 why would you buy a a high end pc if all you want is to play games like this. My 4 year old laptop can run games like this... yah I like retro goodness too, but nobody buys a next gen console or a high end gaming PC for indies they buy them for AAA... If all you want is indies, and old PC or a phone would have you covered

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Th4Freak1528d ago

Indeed, fist Don't Starve: Reign of Giants completely free and now this? Sony's killing it.

Eonjay1528d ago

Another new game. Awesome.

1nsomniac1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )


I've noticed its just released on Steam so this could be true. A very simple designed game & doesn't look all that, but it's addictive as hell!

*Edit* Bolloxs just noticed this is for November & not for next month :-(

akiraburn1528d ago

Actually if you check on Steam, despite it looking like the game just released, it actually isn't releasing until November 4th on there. That's just the pre-order page. So I'd guess that if this info is correct, it'll be launching on both PS4 and Steam right around the same time-frame.

On this note of it being free with Plus, that is awesome! I have 150+ hours on the original game on Steam. For those who haven't played it, I can only tell you that I've lost entire nights to this game. They also did a really good job of supporting the first game and the DLC pack very well, with patches that added additional content, tons of improvements, and a lot more.

I only hope that they leave the original music as either an option in the menus, or as an unlockable feature to turn on. I've listened to the new music and I wasn't as much of a fan of the new stuff Edmund has shown off as the originals done by Danny Baranowsky. It would also be great if this gets a patch at some point to add online co-op, as it seems that right now that mode is only made to support local co-op. Those are my only two concerns/requests that I hope we get some info about.

1nsomniac1528d ago

Ahh ok that makes sense, I just seen it pop up on the front page of Steam yesterday. Presumed it had released.

Havnt heard any of the new music but agree the original music was great!

WeAreLegion1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Awesome! Can't wait. I still play the original version on my PC.

XtraTrstrL1528d ago

It was already announced last year that it'd be a PS+ game, I've just been waiting to find out when the damn thing was releasing. I love the game on Steam, though I haven't played in awhile, and there's tons of new stuff I haven't seen in it. So, it'll be awesome with this new version that has even 50% more new stuff than that last version finally releases on PS4. Then the new local co-op mode we'll be able to play online with Shareplay I'd assume. Kind of like we'll be able to do with Towerfall:Ascension's local co-op. Now THIS is an indie I really can't wait for on PS4.

neocores1528d ago

Yes this one was announced along with the Screat poncho

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