Destiny weapons “like characters in the game”

Bungie community manager, David “Deej” Dague has told ArabicGamers that the weapons in Destiny, although varied, won’t be “millions upon millions” as in Borderlands.

Speaking in an interview which will be live later today (for part one click here), he told ArabicGamers that there had to be story behind each weapon.

“I think the goal for us was to be, certainly diverse and very vast with the arsenal in Destiny, but also to be very deliberate about the design of those weapons.

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pierce1503d ago

So excited about this game now. I can't wait to load it up for the first time. Only problem is I'm not sure which class to choose!

ssjkiet1503d ago

The Ultimate Being.

Mikelarry1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

dream on. titan smash your warlock all day :)

TRD4L1fe1503d ago

Hunter for me, not even a contest in who i should choose. I'll be bladedancing all over these fools

pierce1503d ago

I was a Hunter in the beta and enjoyed it, but because of that I'm wondering if I should have a change for the proper game. Warlock sounds intriguing!

GrandpaSnake1503d ago

as one that played all three i would say hunter and warlock for me

pierce1503d ago

I hear that the Warlock isn't great at taking damage though, and that seems to be one of my main flaws haha..

N4Flamers1503d ago

Deej is full of it. You get tons of random weapons in the game. Just random throw away weapons with different attributes. They then have some weapons that are exotic and have names... just like borderlands. I dont think he's played borderlands so he shouldn't make comments about it.

pierce1503d ago

Maybe he was just saying in comparison to Borderlands it doesn't have as many? Borderlands 2 did have a "gazillion" guns afterall...

N4Flamers1503d ago

Yeah but playing the beta you didnt get that special feel from any of the guns. It was more like oh heres another scout rifle without a cooldown. Hell if anything borderlands does it better. They actually name the manufacturers of the gun you get and they each have specific perks. Then when you get even deeper into the weapon system you notice that specific parts like the barrel or grip can be made by different manufacturers. Each one gives specific perks to an individual gun. I dont think deej knew any of this. I know that borderlands advertises the amount of gun combinations it has but there is a method and honestly it makes finding the exact gun you want rewarding. My fave was the pitchfork.

die_fiend1503d ago Show