Top 5 Final Fantasy Songs

Andrew looks through the catalog of Final Fantasy games to pick out his five favorite songs (excluding boss themes).

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KingKelloggTheWH2574d ago

1-Cosmo Canyon
2.Eyes on me
3.Melodies of life
5.Terras theme

It's so hard to put them all in numbers, I don't even like my own top 5...

levian2574d ago

It's impossible for me to pick, but I'd say most songs from FF8 are absolutely great. If I had to pick though...

Liberi Fatali
Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinose
Retaliation and Movin'
Cosmo Canyon
The Stage is Set

In no particular order of course, because they're all equal to me!

Serrafina2574d ago

I really don't know who "Andrew" is, but I did like examining these top five song entries. However, I only liked two tracks from this list: Turk's theme and Shadow's theme. Despite not liking the other entries, I am quite glad this person provided background information. With that being said, I wished there was an 'edge' to this Top 5 FF Songs list to really focus on something. For example, the "Top 5 Quirkiest FF Songs" or "Top 5 Environment Songs in FFX". Being specific enables the audiences to really understand why the author chose these selections compared to others.

CD64052574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Oh, don't worry....he's working on those type of FF song lists. He just wanted to start off with this one (discussing his favorites), he's already got 3 or 4 in the works with specific characteristics...he loves FF.

Serrafina2574d ago

Awesome! :] Can't wait to listen and read them in the future!

jjb19812574d ago

Ff7 boss music a and the intro music

Ocsta2574d ago

The crystal theme from FF7, "One winged Angel" (final Sephiroth battle theme), Eyes on me, Como canyon, the Intro music to FF8... Damn I miss this series and the days when Square was king.

calis2574d ago

One Winged Angel
The Opening to FF8
Roses and Wine
The parade in FF8
The battle theme for FF12

(in no order)

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