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Zelda Informer: "For starters, I have never really played Dynasty Warriors game before. I’ve seen them played in the past, but I never really saw the appeal. I could argue I still don’t see the appeal even after playing Hyrule Warriors, but for some reason the Zelda goodness has overwhelmed me and it feels so good hacking and slashing my way through some of the most memorable baddies in the Zelda universe. The gameplay is simplistic and you can simply button mash B all the way through the experience to this point, but that’s not fun. In fact I dare say you may get bored playing that way.

If there is nothing else I take away from my experience to this point, it’s that there is a lot of reward and feeling of superiority by mastering the combo system. Sure, it’s just a different combination of two buttons, but learning these combos and when to best use them is tricky. It’s also important to understand their radius. Even using the special attacks – they are different for every charac...

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KaladinStormblessed1554d ago

The game looks pretty fun, I'll probably pick it up when it drops a little in price like mario kart.

frezhblunts1554d ago

Mario Kart hasn't dropped in price and probably won't be for a bit because it is one of the top games on Wii U and probably the best Mario Kart yet, your being cheap.

KaladinStormblessed1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

No I'm not, I already bought mariokart when it came out and its $48 now on Amazon and has been for a few weeks. The games only been out for a few months so I expect Hyrule Warriors to do the same. That's why I don't shop at GameStop ;).

AbsoluteZelda1553d ago

That's only a discount on Amazon, actually. It's $60 everywhere else and that discount is only for a limited time. Nintendo still sells TWW HD for $50 on Amazon.

Amazon pricing is not Nintendo pricing in general, unfortunately. MK8 will still have a retail value of $60 for probably the next 3 years.

KaladinStormblessed1553d ago

I know it's still selling for full retail price, and it's worth and will
Be worth full price for a long time. But Amazon always sells it cheaper, I'm willing to bet that MK8 will stay in that $50 range on amazon. That's why I do my gaming shopping there.

frezhblunts1554d ago

I have been playing dynasty warriors since the second one, I like the game, when having a bad day come home and kill about 1000 soldier and see if that helps.