10 Fixes for Dead Rising 3 Crashes, Lag, Black Screen, DLL Error, Untold Stories DLC, Aspect Ratio

Here is a handy troubleshooting guide complete with all the common Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition crash problems with their corresponding fixes.

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tee_bag2421528d ago

Wow. Some really lame recommendations in there.

"Try reinsatlling to C: program files" lol
That called clutching at straws. I don't think that ever fixed a problem since 15 years ago.

Kavorklestein1528d ago

The issues for this game prove that sloppy development is just sloppy development.

It's also proof that a game that is on better hardware isn't always going to be BETTER all the time.

It's mostly up to the skill of the developers to take advantage of hardware, and then when they do a excellent/good job, THEN the power advantage for identical versions of a game comes into play.

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