10 Misconceptions My Dad Has About Gaming

"We all have those relatives — you know, the ones who believe that gaming is a pure waste of time and do not take the time to try to understand the medium. Instead of learning about the beauty and fun of gaming, they continue to bask in their ignorance and blame all the world’s problems on gaming. My dad is one of those people. Though I love him, here are some of the big misconceptions my dad has about the gaming medium" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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EliteGameKnight1504d ago

to be fair, Mario Galaxy had a pretty deep side story

Geekman1503d ago

So deep that people look wzy too much into it.

cpayne931503d ago

Lol, that's the point of game theory though, they over analyze junk for the sake of entertainment. It's wierd, like that show is simultaneously intellectual and retarded.

Nathan1701503d ago

Great article.Some of them are so true.(the last one is the worst of them all)

Majin-vegeta1503d ago

Agree with all of them.For those of us with spanish parents the always refer to them as "Nintendo" no matter what :P

mt1503d ago

My dad always refer to all consoles even handheld consoles as "Atari."

SpinalRemains1381503d ago

They know what it is called. They're playing the role.

By downplaying the name and not saying it correctly, and using a general term, they're hoping to push their feelings of unimportance of the device onto you.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1503d ago

LOL that was almost adorable....

cpayne931503d ago

The idea that playing video games is a bigger waste of time than watching tv boggles the mind.

CerealKiller1503d ago

Especially with all the mind-numbing trash reality shows that they have on nowadays.

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The story is too old to be commented.